View Full Version : Improving Torque for your Plasmatomic

2005.10.03, 09:40 AM
I found a very simple way to improve the torque of the Plasmatomic (works for all atomic BB cans).

Its to move the neo magnets closer to the armature. The amount of torque a motor has is affected by the air gap between armature and the magnets, thus by moving the magnets closer, the field strength increases and torque goes up.

You can do this by adding layers of tape on the back of the magnet, thus making the magnet closer to the armature.

Good thing about this is that you get more torque and power consumption drops. However, the down side is that you loses top end speed.

Ibrake Ifry
2005.10.03, 08:21 PM
thats interesting...i always knew about the magnet clearance but never attempted anything like that...how many layers of tape would you use and what kind? do you have any pics?

2005.11.07, 08:23 AM
i believe that the closer the better as long as the arm isnt in danger of striking the magnets. i DONT speak from experience.