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2002.03.13, 06:33 AM
hey the site is great, I love it, I visit it everyday. Do you guys thing you will ever carry any other micro cars? such as digi q,bit char g, abc dtm, etc.? I just ordered a bit char g off of ebay and it sux having it shipped from jap. It would be much better to be able to get other minis and mini parts off this site. Just a suggestion.

2002.03.13, 11:03 PM
Yes! :D In fact we have the ABC DTM SP on order, with the Bud's SC18 in the works, and already do Micro stuff through our sister site, http://yourmicro.com. We are currently working on a top secret third site devoted to DTM, Bud's SC18, Bit Char-G, Digi-Q, Epoch 1/43, etc.

2002.04.11, 05:44 PM
Is the Tamtech and Tripmate in the etc. or will you not add those to the site?

2002.04.11, 09:55 PM
IcemanT0PGUN, yep, those two - anything under 1/12 scale!

2002.04.11, 10:19 PM
Rock on baby!
Does the site have an address, or are you not giving that out yet?

2002.04.20, 03:15 AM
The site is now ready for preview by our esteemed Mini-ZRacer.com members, check it out at:


Sign up quick to keep your current username over there too. Let us know what cars need adding, and any other ideas you have!

2002.04.20, 07:26 PM
I didnt know how to email you at the other site, but anyways why dont you have the Tamiya Tamtech as a car option?

2002.04.21, 09:25 PM
Because we mistakenly omitted it - it's added now - please let us know of any other omisions!

2002.04.23, 05:30 PM

Will you be stocking epoch racers?

2002.04.23, 05:42 PM
Mini-z you should add the Tamiya M-03 to the other forum:D :D
Its not mini persay but it is mini as in mini cooper, I'm getting one of these soon but I con't seem to find a forum for it:(

Actually you could call it "Tamyia M-Chassis" Tamiya M-chassis Parts and hop ups" "Tamiya M-chassis Gallery"

Doesn't hurt to ask...ehhehe

2002.04.23, 06:31 PM
Hey... cool new board.. ie Tinyrc. I am a tiny rc newbie.
I have to go and get me some other tiny RC's now.


2002.04.23, 07:18 PM
Will you be stocking epoch racers?

We're working on it. Currently they aren't licensed for US but we're trying to get around that.