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2005.10.05, 03:13 PM
i dont know anything about the MZM or the OL except i want one if they are 4 wheel drive. so are they 4 wheel drive or are they just 2 wheel drive?

2005.10.05, 03:31 PM
i dont know anything about the MZM or the OL except i want one if they are 4 wheel drive. so are they 4 wheel drive or are they just 2 wheel drive?

both are rear wheel drive

2005.10.05, 03:36 PM
do they make AWD kits for them?

2005.10.05, 04:19 PM
do they make AWD kits for them?

No, nothing like that is available. Comming in late Nov, early Dec there will be an AWD on-road car comming out from Kyosho. No word yet on a AWD OL or MZM yet.

2005.10.09, 09:17 AM
I am very sure that we will be seeing a 4WD Mini Monster soon.
todd :D

2005.10.11, 09:12 PM
Unfortuneatly both Kyosho and Iwaver are a day late and one drive axle short of a good 4WD offroader. If you don't want to wait untill those two companies get around to it pick up a new Super Slick MT from a US Toysrus and use it to make a 4x4 MZM or 04.

Neither of the TRU SSMT are available in Canada but the new one is now 1/24 and based on the MZM design but not a direct copy.


2005.10.11, 09:15 PM
DM, do you have a link or pictures of these things?

2005.10.11, 10:22 PM
Yes, see the attachments below. The SSMT isn't full propo and likely isn't as smooth running as the MZM or 04 but it does have the drive train and steering parts you need to make a 4x4. It should make for some very interesting modded MZMs. Likely neither chassis will be ideal so it opens the door for some sweet 4 link chassis.

If anyone doubts the potential of this combination of SSMT and MZM/04 have a look at what ripper at R7R and the guys at RCCrawler are doing with the Nylint toys from Walmart.

The nice thing about the SSMT chassis are the enclosed main chassis and front and rear motor pods. It looks like it may be dual motor like the Nylint for plent of torque.


2005.10.11, 11:38 PM
Now I can see the MZM basis.

2005.10.12, 01:36 AM
Yep, the similarities are striking. Apparently it has a shaft linking the front and rear not 2 motors. The motor it has is bigger than the Z's 130 class motor. I haven't found any pics of the internals yet.


2005.10.12, 12:31 PM
I was looking at the pics to see if there was a shaft linking the front and rear. The shaft linking reminds me of the RS Hot Machine truck. I always found the shaft setup akward at best, first it limits your suspension travel, and under power it twists the front and rear boxes some. I also note from the upper front suspension link, it is fixed so it would only travel straight up and down with little or no side to side movement.

2005.10.18, 01:30 AM
OK guys here's the skinny on the SSMT

#1 No the SSMT is not full propo, it's one step right or left and one step forward, brake and reverse, but it does ok in stock form......Yes it can be made proportional with a Kyosho or Iwaver board.

#2 While it does not have the articulation of the MZM it is still quite good, the upper and lower links you see that look stationary are not, they are mounted on a pivot that the internal drive shaft passes through....quite clever actually. And in reality the articulation of the front and read cases is limited only by the shocks, unlike the MZM/IW04 which are limited by the upper links, so this truck really has some promise for a big articulation crawling monster.

#3 It is a single motor truck and the stock motor is larger than the 130's we use in mini z's, but the MZM or IW04 boards will handle them and they have tons of torque compared to the smaller motors. (I did install an X-Speed just to see and while it was fast, it lacked enough torque and got very hot so went back to the stock motor it came with)

#4 Even after modding it to full propo be careful, the truck is cheaper toy grade plastic and duribility will be an issue. I can't see trying to hop this up into some speed demon, it will just end up broke...but if you want a low speed, high torque 4X4 crawler then this has lots of potential.

#5 There is no servo saver....not yet anyway, I'm still working on that.

#6 The SSMT does have open diffs (meaning it act like the old limited slip diffs, jam one tire and all the power goes to the other side) so these will have to be locked up for any serious crawling...still working on that too.

All in all for $20 you can't go wrong. It took me about three hours to dissassemble and install a IW board in it and figure out the poteniometer in the front servo case.

The MINI Z MONSTER GARAGE will be doing a four link suspension system on theis truck in the near future as well as figuring out the servo saver problem. The little truck has lots of promise.

Here is a pic of the IW board mounted with sticky foam to the inside of the top cover, the original board sat on top of the chassis with a small secondary board with the FETs sitting down inside the chassis

Here you can see the articulation without shocks attached

2005.10.18, 02:33 AM
Now that is REALLY COOL! So with the Iwaver board it is now full propo? That's sweet! I have to get this one. I've been looking for a cheap crawler for the wife. I have a couple monsters but they are just shelf queens now. They are fast but I'm just not into racing trucks. Crawling is somthing I would be insterested in.

Keep us posted on your progress. You should probably start a new thread.


2005.12.10, 06:11 PM
hey dbr will it drive like that cause i have a trail the my old mzm could do but barly because it still only 2wd ugg but if so it will climb like velco on the trail

2005.12.10, 08:48 PM
The SSMT 1/24 will out climb and out cralw the MZM hands down. Its not even a contest. DBRs' pic shows the extreme limit of articulation without the shocks hooked up. If you do the LSSM shock mod on the SSMT 1/24 you get more articulation than the MZM has AND 4WD!

At 20.00 USD or 15.00 on sale, apparently, its not even a question just go buy one and get the crawler kit too. You'll be amazed how good they are and like DBR and the rest of us you'll be asking if Kyosho is such a great company why the hell couldn't they have built this truck?


2005.12.10, 09:17 PM
hehehehe this thing crawls like a centipede on steroids with velcro feet!

2005.12.11, 10:26 AM
man i just wish i could do the lssm mod cus my dad wont get me the parts.