View Full Version : Maybe a way to fix really bad twitching

2002.03.13, 12:55 PM
Last night (tuesday) at our weekly mini-z practice, my car's steering went nuts. I had driven it for about an hour or so, and all of a sudden it just stareted steering back & forth about as fast as it could, from left extreme to right extreme. I thought it was radio interference, but I walked around the entire place looking for other radios that were on, and that didn't solve anything. Finally, I took apart the servo, and popped the little plastic cap off the front of the potentiometer. After I sprayed it down with motor cleaner and turned the little metal dial a bit, I put it back together. Boy, was I surprised. It fixed the problem, and the car behaved even better than before it started twitching. I would have thought the twitching would have gradually gotten worse, but it didn't, it just started all of a sudden. I guess the motor cleaner got rid of any dirt and junk that were on the contacts or anywhere in the potentiometer.

The spray I used was Team Trinity "Brian Kinwald's Buggy Blast" motor cleaner. Great stuff in my opinion. Except I don't like Kinwald from the stories I've heard about him LOL!!!!! Seems to me like he's a little punk, but anyway, back on topic....

I used the smallest flathead screwdriver from my precision set to get the plastic cap off, just be careful not to ram it in and break anything inside the pot.

Hope this helps someone out!!!

2002.03.13, 01:39 PM
I've pondered doing that, but I dont like using motor cleaner sprays... they shorten your life if you breathe them in too much... I have thought about taking one apart and puting a little drop of switch lube in it...

2002.03.13, 02:24 PM
I have this thing called "lubricating contact cleaner" It's meant for cleaning and lubricating potentiometers and sliding contacts. Cleans oxidization and lubricates, is safe for all plastics and stuff.
Wouldn't use it for the motor though.
Does wonders to old scratchy volume pots and intermittent bass/treble knobs.