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2005.10.09, 08:18 AM
just when i think im cured?? i found this new truck in Walmar?. to davkin and those who made the custom super sliks..you guys gotta try this.. the truck is suspended with a semi indepedent rear. the front is straight axle and mini z type motor. some of you can easily make this thing steer,the tires are same as the xtm!! with some work we will have a $30 dollar functional truck. off to the dremel and work bench!!!!

mini-z racing
2005.10.09, 09:40 AM
Thats nice for the price, i like those baja style bodies

2005.10.09, 10:45 AM
chucky, hit me up today.. i should be home later today, say after 5pm and i have monday off if you can swing by for some chat and racing

2005.10.09, 12:23 PM
I really don't see much potential in that one. For one thing, making it streer would be a PIA, at least to do it right and and durable. A solid front axle with virtually no articulation is going to be awful for baja type racing. Since you have to make steering anyways you might as well throw the whole front suspension away and make a whole new independant suspension.

The rear suspension is not semi independant, it's a solid axle, nothing independant about it, but that's not the problem, It appears there's little to no articulation there, same problem as the front. It might work great over an even surface with jumps, but not well at all on true off road terrain.

The body might be worth something if it will fit an OL.

I think $30 is about $15 too much for this thing.


2005.10.09, 09:56 PM
thanks davkin!!the actual cost is only $8 for the truck. my estimate is for total cost when finished less time and effort. front steering is what stopped my efforts as i opened the box. i'll keep hunting for ways to make it work even to run around on the rcp or the floor for the low initial cost...keep up all your informative ideas and suggestions!!!! :)

2005.10.09, 10:16 PM
Only $8 eh? Sorry, I misunderstood you, but I don't see how you could do the whole conversion for only $30, the electronics alone would cost much more, but I guess if you have the electronics laying around and nothing better to do it might be worth playing around with, I wouldn't spend any more money on it though.


2005.10.11, 07:01 PM
I seen one of those the other day, was looking at the shocks for a possable overland use. Even those look too light to mess with.

2005.10.12, 06:10 PM
The body might work for an OL though, the wheelbase looks about right. I'll have to keep a lookout for it, for only $8 it might be worth something. How about the gearing in the trans? If the gearing is right the trans might be useful for some custom projects I have planned.


2005.10.27, 03:46 PM
Cool, some new project tires and other little goodies for 8 bucks, I'll be hitting walmart tomorrow.

2005.10.27, 08:02 PM
depending on the size of the body.. that would look killer on a mini-Z monster