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2005.10.11, 09:33 AM
Found some new tires and wheels, that with a little work, can be made to fit the MZM/IW04, pretty awesome off-road tread, also come in radials, and some other less aggresive off-road treads.................
.....I'm sure someone out there is quick enough to recognize where these came from

2005.10.12, 12:37 PM
Well lets see, could it be the new Super Slicks trucks maybe? The 1/24 scale ones or the hopup kits?

2005.10.12, 08:50 PM
Yup, they are Super Slick tires and wheels from the hop-up kit.....but these are not a direct fit, the wheels do have to be modified. The tires are slightly larger than the MZM tires and will not fit on MZM wheels.

But on the bright side...I sure do like that tread!

2005.10.12, 08:56 PM
What all has to be done to get them to fit, from the picture angle you can't see the hub very well.

2005.10.13, 08:35 PM

It really isn't that hard to do but before I post it here I want to give them the stress test here this weekend to be sure they hold up....don't want a bunch of guys running to buy these and doing a slip shod mod only to be dissapointed when they come apart.

Will thrash them hard this weekend and if all goes well will let everyone know how to do it early next week.

Now the bodies that come in the hop-up kits are way cool, the Hummer and a Ford, they alone are worth the $10, and I do have a cool body mount solution for those that does work really well. Those bodies have good detail and should work well.

2005.10.13, 08:53 PM
I remember seeing some lego wheels modded for use on the old MR01's here in some old threads. The big problem with those is after all the cutting and fitting there is very little plastic left for support. Just wanting to know what all it took to fit them is all. I have seen these "kits" on the TRU shop site just no pictures.

2005.10.13, 09:32 PM
The thread I was refering to.