View Full Version : Battlebots RC

2002.03.13, 11:35 PM
Has anyone got one of those new Battlebots mini RCs? How is it? How many of us watch?

2002.03.13, 11:56 PM
Just saw one in K mart today, looks cheepy like tyco nikko etc... was kinda heavy though ehhe...

2002.03.27, 04:11 PM
some nitro modifications, and presto! a *** LOOKING robot going 30m.p.h. past you!

2002.03.27, 04:56 PM
The Battlebot's nemesis has to be magnets..
So, no Squat magnet kits there... :D

2002.03.27, 05:32 PM
Ok , I am all for death and destruction and Robots in disguise, but does anyone else think that the whole battlebot deal is overrated!? Get two life like Robots that look like Gundam exchanging blows and then maybe you have my attention - short as it may be.

2002.03.27, 05:38 PM
go to HLJ, or someplace like that and they had a Radio Control, YES a R/C Zaku! with a camera in its red eye and functional parts and and, doh...:mad: