View Full Version : Mini-Z bodies on an Xmod?

2005.10.21, 06:48 PM
Hey, i was wondering if a mini-z shell will work on a gen1 xmod. The peticular shells I'm interested are the Porsche Cayene (for my xtruck), the Chrysler 300C, any Ferrari/Lamborghini/Mclaren F1, and a Porsche 911. I know that I'll need velcro or something to hold the bodies on, but the only problem is that I don't know the wheelbases. So, would it be possible for somone with access to these bodies to try for me? I dont care about the color, I already have plans for painting*. Thanks.

*Would gold or navy blue look better on the 300C?

2005.10.21, 07:16 PM
I have put an Xmods Camaro body on an MR02 RM chassis with the wheelbases lined up. But the 300C, Lambo, Mclaren F1, and some Ferraris (ENZO) are MM or a 98mm wheelbase car that is a tad long for the longest wheelbase Xmods chassis. I have seen a 300C over on Tiny RC on an Xmods, I'm not sure how it was extended to fit. The Mclaren also dips down slightly between the front wheels so it may hit the upper plate on the Xmods chassis. You will have to remove the side clips to clear the battery holders and make a new rear mount, and in some cases have to make a front mount to line up right.

2005.11.05, 02:38 PM
Link to a thread on Tiny RC on this very thing. (http://tinyrc.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&postid=193290) I post it because it is something that we always come back to.

2005.11.06, 08:03 AM
There is a Seller on ebay that makes Mini-z bodys that fit on the Xmod. He Usually sells them (BIN) for $30.00 to $50.00, or you can bid on one of his auctions. Sorry I don't think he does it for the X-Truck tho.

2005.11.06, 09:26 AM
Interesting with the old Iwaver bodies with the front wheelwells hacked out. Better to just buy from the shop here and DIY it.