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2002.03.14, 08:31 AM
There are 6 of us in northern New Jersey with MiniZs and here is a pic of out first track design.

Framed in 2x2 aluminum studs
Covered with 1/8th in luan
Trowled on carped adheasive
and rolled out roofing asphalt for the driving surface

The track totals 16x8 ft and splits into two 8x8 ft sections for storage.

Comments and/or suggestions are welcomed.

2002.03.14, 11:11 AM
Where in NJ are you Dave?

2002.03.14, 02:49 PM
No suggestions cause its pretty cool as-is. Are you happy with the surface you chose for the track?

2002.03.14, 09:07 PM
The track is located in Clifton, NJ in a garage. We usually rece once a week.

Where are you located?

2002.03.14, 09:50 PM
Looks great!

Ken Mifune
2002.03.14, 09:55 PM
Nice track.

Is the layout adaptable? Modular dividers?

2002.03.14, 10:02 PM
The layput ie easily changable by removing the grass-like areas (double sided tape) and cutting new ones. The entire 16x8 area is surfaced. The entire thing also splits into 8x8 sections and other 8x8 sections can be added.

2002.03.16, 06:29 AM
Not too far for me then... I'm in Rockaway.

2002.03.16, 06:37 AM
how do you like the track surface?

Can you still drift with out having to try to hard?

2002.03.16, 09:29 AM
You can drift the rear end as much or as little as you want. Pretty realistic surface. Even looks like real asphalt!! :)

2002.03.16, 09:30 AM

What channel(s) are you using ?

2002.03.19, 08:03 AM
I've got three and eight.

2002.03.19, 08:04 AM
Dave, email me if you want... jj2112@mac.com