View Full Version : using TX from 02 for 04?

2005.10.26, 02:21 PM
I currently own an IW02 and love it. I'm very interested in picking up an IW04 around the holidays, but since I already have the radio for the 02 could I get by with just a chassis kit?

I'm new to IW, but not to R/C. I actually bought this kit with a secondary motive of being able to control some of my other cars and storing the model settings in the memory. I haven't been able to get this to work yet, but I'm still hoping. (So any info on that would be great too!) I'm running old futaba RX's in my other cars.

Any ideas on where to pick up the IW04 chassis kit (no radio) if I can get by with just the one TX?


2005.10.26, 04:33 PM
is this the new-02?

2005.10.26, 08:31 PM
yes, radio can be used on everything minus xmods

2005.10.26, 09:13 PM
The IW02 is a bit older, the radio doesn't look like the one pictured on the IW site now. It does have the LCD though.

Does the TX only work with a certain type of RX? I still can't get it to work with my old Futaba ones in my other cars. (they are AM, as I assume the IW is too)

Thanks for your help!

2005.10.27, 12:20 PM
The transmitter you have (LCD iwaver radio) is 27 band AM, most older Futaba are probably 75 band AM, they won't work together because the work on a different band width. The radio will work with both the 02 and the 04, they are both 27 band AM :)

2005.10.27, 02:20 PM
Ahh... that makes sense. Perhaps I'll look around for an inexpensive 27Mhz band reciever or two. Thanks again for all the help!