View Full Version : More Xtruck Problems.

2005.10.28, 12:57 PM
Okay, yesterday I got the AWD and Lift kit, and installed them both at the same time. The rear end went together ok, but some piece in the front is restricting the steering, the driveshafts are slightly crooked, and the toe-in rod has some issues as well. Did anyone else here have this kind of problem? I assembled everything accoding to the directions, so what gives? Please help.

PS: Thank you, Radioshack, for making truly craptastic parts for my truck.

2005.10.28, 04:58 PM
what frustrated me were the horrible instructions and near gymnastic hand positons you have to use to keep parts aligned to install the new upgrades to the evo xmods. the shafts for example... you get 3 and the instuctions say they are labeled however there are no inidications on the packaging.

my truck went back together easily but the wheel slop only got worse :(

2005.10.30, 07:43 PM
the lift kit is badly designed and pretty much useless as is. haven't had problem with the awd though nor with the driveshafts. my differential is still working proper too (and i tried to burn it out).