View Full Version : Super Slick MONSTER 4X4!!!

2005.10.29, 12:48 AM
Have you guys seen these things. They are awsome!!! With slight mods I made mine get some good articulation! Super TORQUE! check out the pics.

2005.11.04, 03:54 PM
Define "slight mods" please.

2005.11.04, 05:59 PM
I was in Toys R Us today and took another look at these things. Previously for some reason I thought they steered by the whole front axle, don't know why, but looking at them again today it's obvious they don't, so I bought one.
I tell ya guys, this thing is superior in every way to an MZM except for the electronics. Kyosho is getting it's a$$ kicked by a $20 toy. The only problem mine has is very short range, but maybe my old 9 volt is low on juice, a new battery might fix that. This is defintely a racer, not a rock crawler/trail rig kind of thing, but so is the MZM.
I have some spare electronics laying around so eventually this thing is going to get upgraded to hobby grade.


2005.11.04, 07:53 PM
"........This is defintely a racer, not a rock crawler/trail rig kind of thing........."

COOL! If you think it's a racer and I have made it a rock crawler, then it's the best of both worlds. Did you get any of the kits(speed/climbing)?

2005.11.05, 04:05 AM
DB has made it Fully propo if you missed it. Here's the link:


2005.11.06, 10:52 AM
Of course I missed that link! It's in the MZM section and I don't have an MZM so I never look in there. Doesn't that thread really belong in here? Thanks for putting us onto it though. I plan on using a real servo in mine so I don't have that lack of servo saver issue.


2005.12.16, 09:57 AM
I just got an ssmt and was looking it over and saw a sliding cover with an input jack in it was was wondering could i use an xmod light kit, and would an xmod motor fit

:cool: :D