View Full Version : Iwaver bodies available wholesale

2005.10.31, 03:02 PM
TE has the new GT40 and Saleen bodies available on the .net wholesale website. Not long until they will be available for the .com

2005.11.02, 09:13 AM
just order them from the .net, I can ;)

2005.11.02, 05:08 PM
The order limit is at only $300 now... not too bad if you are ordering a few ready sets and whatnot... group order is always an option as well. I think the new Iwaver bodies look great. The painting on these are a lot better and the colors are more vibrant... and we all want a Saleen or two to add to the collection. They would make nice racers I would think. Very low and light weight. I would take the spoiler they have on the rear off though, I think it looks out of place. I wonder what the new GT40 looks like compared to a Kyosho GT40... side by side I wonder if they are much different in sizes or whatever.

2005.11.02, 05:09 PM
No reply button sorry.
I didn't catch on to the fact that you can get them... does that mean that you could order me a few bodies with a little markup for yourself so I don't have to wait?

2005.11.03, 12:54 AM
Those bodies have been listed on t e. net for quite awhile now (over a month) so I'm not sure how good sign that is of impending availability on the regular site?