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2002.03.15, 04:05 AM

A few weeks ago I bought this Mini-Z and now the motor starts making strange noises. This affects the speed of the car.

I don't know if I use the correct word for it, I'm Dutch, therefore I looked it up in the dictionary. I found these words for this noise:

crying, chirping or maybe whistling.

It happens when the motor has run for a few minutes and becomes warmed up.

Shortly after I bought this car, one of the powercords (the red one) to the motor snapped at the place where it was soldered to the motor. I replaced it with a little bit thicker cord.

Maybe the motor has to be cleaned. I hope that is all, because I don't want to bring it back to the store being not able to play with it for a while.

All suggestions are welcome!

Kind regards,


2002.03.15, 06:20 AM
A drop of gun oil or similar should cure the screeching, my mini-z also did that after 3 sets of batteries. A lube job for the motor can cured it and it's now fine.
Apply a drop to both ends of the axle, rotate by hand for a while and wipe all excess oil off.
Test, enjoy :)


2002.03.15, 09:06 AM

Thanks, I will try that tonight.



2002.03.15, 10:23 AM
how good is WD-40 for these lube applications?
is it bad to use WD-40 for specific parts of the car?
like the motor or ball bearings?
wondering if wd-40 eats into the metal.........

2002.03.15, 10:40 AM
don't use wd40.... the lube is temporary on these car parts..... then it turns into powder....

2002.03.16, 10:24 AM
Don't use WD40 for anything on your Z; get some electric motor lube from your LHS and apply a drop to each end of the motor spindle. Run at low RPMs for a few seconds, then crank it up to the max (it should now run a little faster than before) and you're all ready to run again.

2002.03.18, 04:15 AM
Well, I bought some oil for fine electrics purpose. Now the motor runs like it was when i just bought the car.

Thank you all for the help!

Kind regards,


2002.03.18, 04:33 AM

I noticed you're dutch, where did you buy your mini-Z ?

2002.03.19, 07:23 AM

I think you were supposed to say "buy a squat ball bearing end-can from the shop" :p

2002.03.19, 08:23 AM

Yes, you are correct, I am Dutch.

I bought my Mini-Z in Veenendaal. I went there to look for a 1/10 scale Alfa Romeo 155 (The car I actually drive) or 156.

Because everything was very expensive I switched to a Kyosho Mini-Z BMW Z8. And I don't have any regrets I did that.

After all, I think I payed to much for it at this shop. I am really surprised that parts are this expensive in The Netherlands. A little shopping on the Internet (here at the shop or eBay) can save me some money in the future.


2002.03.19, 09:30 AM
How much do you buy in Netherlands for your z8?

2002.03.19, 09:40 AM

I payed Euro 185.00 (US$ 161.00) for this Z8 and that was below the normal price (The shop had priced it incorrectly, according the salesman). That was for the standard RTR set.

I have seen the same I have for below US$ 100.00.


2002.03.19, 02:40 PM
I lub my Mini Z with oil made for fishing reels it has teflon and came in a small pocket tub with a fine tip on the end for controling the amount applied. It works well and does not apply so much as to cause a problem with dust. I use a Qtip to wipe up excess if needed. I clean my motors with a good moter cleaner and reoil after a days running. Oil makes a differance.:)

2002.03.21, 01:50 PM
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2002.03.22, 04:03 AM
Originally posted by crusader4x
I know that this is WAY off topic but I thought that I would mention for our Dutch friend that the Dutch are great soccer players

Thank you, but even with thosese great players we were not able to reach the world championships this summer.