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2005.11.09, 12:10 PM
I'm gearing up for a big event, maybe 20 racers. Thing is I've only got 12 transponders so we'll have to switch between heats. I have to set the max racers per heat to 6 to even the heats up. Have a few questions.

1) Is there a way of inputting a racer in the Racer Folder without saving it to the transponder? I'd like to be able to enter all the pre-registered racers before the big day.

2) Once the race is setup with a stock and mod class, the racers are all entered into the event. All i should need to do is scan the T in before a new class heat and assign a entered racer to it right?

Example: If a mod racers hands the T over to a stock racer, I've got to assign that T to the stock racer right? All i need to do is scan the transponder in and reasign the stock racer to the transponder? Does it matter which transponder he uses?

I hope i'm making sense.

2005.11.09, 12:23 PM
the only way I see to do that would be very difficult to keep everything in order.

when the T's are scanned in it stores the information in the folder under the T's tag #. if you open that in notepad you can see that it carries the driver info and such.

You can scan them in add the info and then save to the stransponder, then copy the T's tag # to a seperate folder adding the name. then repeat. this would be to confusing and complicated.

I would just type in the new name and just go with a generic car piture.

maybe someone else knows some different trick?

2005.11.09, 12:28 PM
Yea that doesn't sound easy.

There has to be a way, or i'm just going to have to get another 24 T's. *groan*

2005.11.10, 02:56 AM
Got word from Core.

Looks like each racer will need the same transponder throughout the event. Or the race management won't be able to track it. To work around this i'm getting more transponders and will be running a points race instead of a formal race setup. I'm gonna have a whole shwack of transponders by the end of the season.

2005.11.10, 06:24 AM
i started a race management threads some time ago for those that have done so to please post their insights, tips and advice. it would be very nice to get copies of the files associated with the event but that is asking a bit too much i think