View Full Version : MR-01 + Pro-z pocket knife chassis, RTR with C5R body

2005.11.10, 11:55 PM
Looking for offers, I'll set the price at $150 with shipping to conform to the forum rules though :)

Square inch up alloy rims

black alloy pn racing motor mount
pn-racing ball diff
mini-zracer.com ceramic dry ball bearings
pro-z pocket knife carbon fiber chassis
pn-racing ball bearing motor can w/stock motor armature in it
brand new x-speed motor, new in package included
rear tires are 10deg I belive, fronts are stock kit tires.
the batteries in it are built into a pack, they are NiCD AAA's so they are really punchy and worked perfectly for the 50 lap races I did with the car.
body is in good shape.

I cant seem to find the original kyosho transmitter for the car so there is no transmitter included, any 27mhz AM transmitter will work though. I always drove the car with my M8 with the mini-z module (I'm keeping that :) )

I think it has more stuff done to it but I can't recall right now, just go by the pictures :)

raced only a handful of times on an RCP track, no scratches or marks on the chassis at all.

I'm looking for offers, but NO TRADES.

2005.11.11, 11:47 AM
Wow, saves me the time of building it up. Hows $135 without batteries sound?

2005.11.11, 04:16 PM
Is it hard to change the batteries? Or do I have to build battery packs to use with the Pro-z ?

I offer $150 plus shipping to Canada

2005.11.11, 06:13 PM
the pack in the car has a standard HPI Micro RS4, Losi Mini-T, or RC18T stock connector on it. So any "micro" charger will work great with it.

Any charger that charges at less than 1amp works great with the pro-z packs, you can even buy them for $8 if you want just a simple wall plug in charger.


just change the connector on that charger and it will work great

if you want to use NiMH AAA's also than I really recommend getting this charger:

the first cheap charger is not a peak charger, so you have to watch the packs and either keep a voltmeter on them to watch for the peak (it peaks when the voltage stops climbing) or check the temperature of the pack by hand, when they start to get warm they are peaked.

let me know if you're still interested, my email is blind@blindbatts.com

edit: those are t.owerhobbies links if you want to check them

2005.11.11, 06:18 PM
you've got mail !

2005.11.11, 07:44 PM
sold :cool:

I hope you enjoy it lookinco