View Full Version : how to set mesh in alu motor mounts

2005.11.11, 06:49 AM
i just got myself a atomic RM motor mount. how do i set the gear mesh properly. i have eyeballed the meshing, but there must be a more consistent and foolproof way

2005.11.11, 09:57 AM
The old strip of paper works for me to set the mesh. Cut the paper to as wide as the gears, then run the paper between the pinion and spur gears. It should come out crinkled or to the shape of the teeth on the gears. Running the paper between the gears allows you to find out if you have any tight spots, when done you should have a constant mesh without tight spots causing a jam up.

2005.11.11, 11:10 AM
That's a good idea! I've always just kept it sort of loose and ran the throttle until it didn't sound like it was buzzing. I then tighten it and give a a quick launch around the track. If it sounds really loud then chances are the mesh is too close or the pinion is worn out. If it is worn out it will be loud and any setting.


2005.11.11, 07:28 PM
sorry to have to make this more complicated than it really is, but what weight of paper, and how tightly should i squeeze the motor in ? at this rate im going to be stripping my can...... nah kidding ;)

2005.11.11, 07:33 PM
i love the adjustable motor mount! you can get your car to run nearly silent when meshed right.

oddly enough overland pinions seem to mesh better than racer pinions

2005.11.11, 08:05 PM
I just use standard copy paper, I think it's labeled as a 20lb. I like to run the spur gear at least a full revolution in case there are some high areas.

2005.11.11, 08:18 PM
I use an atomic RM mount for screw type motors and setting them to run silent is really easy..........after installing the desired motor and pinion gear I tighten the two screws only slightly then throttle up...the motor and gear will then move themselves to the optimal position, if you have the screws tight enough it will stay there when you let off the throttle, then tighten the screws and you're ready to run....in silent stealth mode :D

2005.11.11, 09:52 PM
that is a cool method dogbreath ! i will try that !