View Full Version : Atomic Cup Canada

2005.11.11, 07:39 PM
This weekend is the 2005 Atomic cup in Canada. One day event at a local shopping mall, I will attend this event and hopefully I can get some pictures up by sunday.

You can read all the rules here. (http://www.rcatomic.com/main/modules/news/article.php?storyid=113)

2005.11.11, 07:41 PM
i look forward to your review and pictures :p i follow all your posts on www.mini-zracing.com as well ;)

i've been a bit miffed by the lack of publicity for this event. atomic had a banner for it on their website and so has the lhs hosting it but little if any news otherwise.

btw, the tire rule is just silly :rolleyes: even kyosho did not require thier own brand tires.

2005.11.11, 08:50 PM
Good luck and ill be waiting for the report and pics.