View Full Version : noisy car with perfect meshing?

2005.11.13, 02:54 AM
i have a MR02 with an atomic RM mount, atomic "delrin" pinion gears, a kyosho balldiff, GPM bearings, and its still noisy! ive set the meshing pretty good, and the bearings (both on the mount and in the diff) are lubed with some thin oil, but the thing is still really noisy! any ideas ?

2005.11.13, 03:31 AM
is the pinion pushed all the way on so the non meshed part isn't touching the diff gear? Noisy in what way? These are not enclosed diffs so they will be loud to some degree.


2005.11.13, 06:56 AM
It is the atomic pinion that is causing the noise, their teeth is much thicker and it needs to break in. The Kyosho pinion set is alot quieter and easier to set mesh.

2005.11.13, 06:26 PM
Some of the different manufactures parts can cause a conflict. Here this past week I got hold of some of the 3racing gears for the MR02, The thing keeping me from using them is my Kyosho ball diff. The spur gear in the 3racing set uses a 1/8" ball, as the Kyosho MR02 uses a 3/16" ball. I may have to buy a 3racing diff just to use them. In my experiance the GPM pinions are made with fat teeth that fit the GPM gears, my Megatech setup is the same way.

I have had one motor develop a high pitch squeal that don't have anything to do with the gears. A little oil on the bushings took care of that.