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2005.11.16, 12:55 PM
ok, I come after my promise to arch2b... this is not about MINE, see this as a common thread for developpment

I would like to share with yousome thoughts about the X-Mods Evo Trucks, but no just "how horrible they drive" or "how nice my paint job is". I would really like you guys to stick together and share thoughts and ideas, easy tricks or just crazy modifications to reach a common target: improve the X-Trucks for the use off the road, whether crawling or just drifting in the sandbox...

Long introduction, but I hope I could convince you to work together ;) There are some unconfortable underdevelopped issueso be shorted out...

Lets start:
After some too many weeks being held at the customs (I asume the guys there wanted also to play with my new toys) I bacame a nice parcel from arch2b

I only keep one of the F150 (number 2 goes to Diets...) so inmediatly open it, spend some minutes screwing it toghether (my God, I had forgotten it is an Xmods...). Ok, it will have a hard way to conquer the crone of my crawlinī dragon, which just me around to look down on the new one.

110mm wheelbase, wide as an overland and more of a low rider than an offroader. Ground clearance almost as good as a series overland regarding axl torsion. We already know how to cut free the rear axl, so that it turns almost free around the drive shaft. I will not do that yet...
I think I will use another body for this truck - and probably transform the F150 into a nascar truck :). But I will not reveal what I will use, by now.

First nice surprise: only 41cm turning radius (RWD) and silent Xmods. BUT: go offroad? a simple sofa and some cat hairs and the trip is over
Never before did I see my cat laugh that loud...

Ok, I just take the truck completely appart and try to install AWD and Offroad Kit at once. Not even thing about reading the instructions... Iīm a man (ouh ouh ouh <-thing of Tim Tailor now :D) kids, do not do this at home...
Almost 2 hours ald just about to drive bananas... but see the results:
Axl torsion increases about 2mm (I didnīt modify myself anything yet...)

Ball bearings are definitely a must - I installed some of mine, unfortunately I had only too wide ones, so I mixed up ball bearings and bushings. First thing I noticed: a wider bearing in the outher side of the knuckles reduced competely the side play there. Two wider bearings will not fit...

Allmost dessesperating confirmation of the known bugs after installing the offroad kit
- Turningradius goes over 1 meter!
- The gearing goes too hard So hard that the chassis might et some day due to friction heat. Too narrow everywere...
- Hammer: I had read about the wobble-thing, but wow... thatīs what I call a totally wrong construction. The geometry of the knuckels maybe? or just the steering bar? itīs definitely there where we need to start. Suspension going down forces the knuckel to pull back and wheels toe out. Not good. I think either the upper towerbar r the steering stab need a new distribution of the perforations for the screws... i will use a quiet minute to measure the geometry of the series suspension compared to the offroad kit. Itīs definitely different! maybe a combination of both will be the solution? I had no wobble at all before the conversion..
here you have a poor-quality picture of it
- And I can definitely cast much better tires to go offroad...

So letīs summarize my first impressions
- Is a Xmods..., which thanks to the offroad kit becomes useless as an offroader, BUT has got a huge potential and could turn out to be a good crawler. OK, it will need lots of attention.

My personal ToDo list:

- iWaver or MiniZ ESC must be installed: Xmods transmitter looks nice but my Helios is much better... Microsash already showed us @ bit-racer.de how easy it is
- gearing friction must be reduced
- A low geared motor like our Faulhaber or a sanyo. No clue which gearing I will use (141:1 or more?)
- Geometry of the front knuckels and suspension to be redone. I have an idea, bt didnīt try it out yet
- Turning radius to be reduced down to 40cm! the servo doesnīt hit the sides with the offrad kit... also a wrong geometry there...
- Ground clearance and axl torsion to be increased, letīs see how much is possible
- Lighter body, also a truck will be adapted but only after Iīm satisfied with the chassis

Do I fail to convert it into a crawler, so will I reverse the gearing and make a Stadion Truck out of it and let it run on sand and snow (which is starting to fall in the alps tonite, they say)

Still there? So now let us improve the trucks, letīs brainstorm and discuss the modifications. Please feel free to share your ideas with us :cool:

cd, Iīm sure toghether we will succeed

2005.11.21, 10:23 PM
what size are the wider outer bearings? Can only 4 be used on the outer knuckles?

2005.11.21, 10:26 PM
excellent review! i am still looking to see what i can come up with to make these better but in the end i know you and diets will just trump any of my ideas. :) you guys have much more technical skills and we've all seen your handy work :cool:

swamper 56
2005.11.22, 10:50 PM
i put neo mags in mine and broke both back axels and cant find them any where for the lift kit but it run good.how can you lower the gear ratio it is way to high.

2005.11.23, 05:58 AM
how can you lower the gear ratio it is way to high.
Just using a different motor with a lower gearing integrated. Make a search in the forum: "Faulhaber" " Escap" " Sanyo 297,1:1"

I will use one of them.

@Arch: the Wobble thing might be easier to solve as first thought... I will try cutting a new steering stab...

swamper 56
2005.11.23, 09:15 PM
thanks i'll tyr it

2005.11.24, 03:32 PM

Happy Thanksgiving, this thread has some good ideas in it.