View Full Version : Anyone ever break this?

2005.11.19, 12:01 AM
I'm running the Firelap 02 and i've broken the 2 chassis arms that hold the king pin in place :confused: . I'm running on an RCP track and this is a first for me.

I'm going to epoxy them tonight and see if it holds better. Fingers Crossed

Has anyone ever broken this part before, I seem to be the first in my area.

2005.11.19, 12:40 AM
I've broken two of them. I tried supergluing them and they just came apart as soon as someone crashed into me again. I plan on getting a mini-z skeleton chassis becuase the platic won't break like a Firelap(Iwaver '02).

2005.11.19, 01:26 AM
Not sure if you're referring to the top or bottom, but:



2005.11.19, 01:56 AM
mini-z nailed it with the JPL tower bars. I too have broken them and run two bars on two cars and just dropped an order for 2 more. The firelap Mclaren is similar in width in the front I believe to the Iwaver gt40. They catch easily. I just made the switch(again) to a silver one. I was running a red one and of course it's a snagger. Didn't break anything yet but I'm going back to the MCL LM. My silver one is going back to the shelf.

The clear chassis are not as strong as stock and is the reason for me purchasing two more bars. The two I have now are on clear chassis. They look great but plan for the JPL upgrade.


2005.11.19, 11:40 AM
i have broken stock K chassis, and clear ones, this is one weak spot in the K 02 that makes me grumble awefull words :D

2005.11.19, 03:06 PM
Thank the rc gods i'm not the only one. I'm going to get a few of the JPL bars for the 02. As i can see myself cracking a few more.

I've since fixed it, what id did was cut a CF rod the righ size and insert it into the little groove. Than alittle fast acting CA to hold the broken arm in place and used some epoxy to cover the rod and the crack line. This should hold it until i get seriously wacked again.

2005.11.19, 07:05 PM
machine - What body are you running on your Firelap 2.0? Like byebye said, some bodies allow the front wheels to snag or catch on the track or other cars really easy.

2005.11.19, 08:30 PM
Machine, try the tower bars or re-inforce a stock chassis with some aluminium or similar.

2005.11.20, 01:21 AM
i race a iwaver/kyosho hybrid with mclaren body on my RCP track from lakeshore.
it has still not broken my chassis but most of the time i'm seeking for my tires that come af after a rub against the sidewal...

and if it happens i still have 2 extra chassis in reserve :D