View Full Version : Core Results for 11/20/05 !

2005.11.21, 10:42 AM
Another great day of racing ! :D


2005.11.21, 12:20 PM
looks to be some close F1 action...i wish i could be there to join in all the fun!

2005.11.21, 12:29 PM
Yeah... the F1 races are definitley more serious. My main problem this weekend was watching the hypnotizing serpentine movements of the train of cars behind me. It's too pretty, sometimes I wish I could just spectate ! We had a few 3 wide occasions during the races, alot of times it was clean... amazing the level of control these things have !

2005.11.21, 12:51 PM
i know what you mean!....you should have seen the F1 racing at the pn worlds....
8 cars in the a-main! now that was a train...lol
the first couple of laps were very intense, until we got spread out a little...