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2005.11.22, 09:39 PM
hi, can any body tell me whether the IWAVER 02 WIDE-10 tire any good to race on carpet? it so cheap. so i 'm thinking to order some 10deg. do you think that iwaver 10 deg. tire is the same with gpm or atomic 10 deg.? thanks.

2005.11.22, 10:21 PM
it's a pretty much vague question...

but generally the softer the tire the better grip... although beware that there is such a thing as too much grip... which may sometimes cause your car to traction roll...

carpets also differ from one make to another... so one type of tire might not be good for all types of carpets...

in the same way, all tires are not made equal... so 10* iwavers, 10* gpm and 10* atomics might not have the exact same characteristics....

i've tried the iwavers and gpm tires... they're pretty soft, and will provide traction for carpet tracks...

2005.11.22, 10:52 PM
hi herman, i'm from malaysia. its not easy to buy the micro r/c parts here. i have to order from oversea. before i order i want to make sure everything. did you know what compound of the original tires (front and rear) of the firelap 2.0?

2005.11.23, 12:59 AM
You might want to get Foam tires or Atomic Radials (10*)

2005.11.23, 04:44 AM
did you know what compound of the original tires (front and rear) of the firelap 2.0?

firelap... not sure, but the tires on the rims that came with the iwaver i got were pretty soft... but not their softest...

i suggest you try ordering over the border in singapore...
here's a link to a singapore track...


i know there was a track there in malaysia... saw it throught a website...


here's a link... you might want to contact them first though...

i think they carry iwavers....

text below from ... http://www.rctech.net/forum/printthread.php?t=67450

Hi all, been awhile we didn't have some solid fun playin indoor. Mini-Z Indoor Track Trial this coming :
Date: Friday, 15 July 2005
Time: 5:00pm ~ 12:00pm
Venue: 1st Flr, 16A, Jln kenari 5 Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100 Puchong.
(Opposite IOI Mall, carpet track, indoor with air-condition and plenty of car park after working hours)
call me: 012-6901745 for a good time, if you can not find us.

good luck and hope you find what you're looking for...

2005.11.23, 09:52 AM
thanks again herman, i don't think the malaysia track still active. that are few years ago. i race my mr01 few years ago and can get parts easily. now the mini racer not that popular.