View Full Version : JB Weld to the rescue (again)

2005.11.25, 11:47 AM
after i trimmed the front lip on the ferrari 360 gtc, nothing but problems with it for racing, i think it weakened the strength of the body at that point adn i quickly got a hairline crack which developed into a full break at the side panel. i've had this happen with several other bodies as well. my son's enzo is a big blob of jb weld :rolleyes:

here are the picutres (http://mini-zracer.com/mini-zgallery/showgallery.php?cat=676&ppuser=)

i only hope this stuff is strong enough work....

2005.11.25, 09:08 PM
I just dremeled the edges of the lip so it didnt get cought on the walls. The lip isnt much smaller. So far so good.

2005.12.05, 06:06 AM
JB weld will hold, its good stuff in general . why some say its even better than bailing wire ;)

2005.12.05, 11:10 AM
Ya i keep JB weld, Duct tape, Bailing wire, CA, and hoseclamps in the trunk. And since i take my car everywhere i always have that stuff and have used it on my full scale as well as my 1:10s, though i've not found a need as yet for my Zs. ;) :D

2005.12.05, 09:30 PM
You know at our last big race we had a few K bodies break apart. Quite exiting to watch mind you, but troublesome none the less. :eek:

I tell quite a few people at my shop that the Iwaver bodies are good for racing as they won't break like the K cars (hehe) do. Use the Autoscales for light racing and the Iwaver body for serious balls out racing. I know they don't have the detail, and they don't have the ricer wing, just drop on an atomic wing and drive hard.

2005.12.05, 10:14 PM
yeah, my son will be getting a few iwaver enzo bodies for sure :p

2005.12.06, 04:30 AM
iwaver bodies arent as secure, they require taping. just scotch tape will do, save the duct tape for your jeans ;)

2005.12.06, 12:31 PM
iwaver bodies arent as secure, they require taping. just scotch tape will do, save the duct tape for your jeans ;)
The older bodies were loose on the chassis, the newer bodies you have to fight to put on and take off. I usually tape my Kyosho bodies down when I race so they dont come off... but the 02 Iwaver Ford GT I have no worries about coming loose on my MR015. The Iwaver Ford GT is about 1g heavier than the Kyosho... So not much of a difference in weight. Both tend to flip when rear ended due to the angle of the rear...

2005.12.10, 12:53 AM
i have the black iwaver mercedes AMG and it comes off like crazy, so i switched to unpainted kyosho bodies. the other problem with loose bodies is that when the bodies slide around on the mounts they can unsettle the chassis. i cant actually feel the body unsettling the chassis, but with almost 1/8 of an inch of slop, there is bound to be some unsettling