View Full Version : Cp Raceway Will Not Be Reopening

2005.11.26, 02:11 AM
Are web site is still is alive and well. We are now CP RACING PRODUCTS and are web site is WWW.MINI-NASCAR.COM along with are old domains names.

CP RACING PRODUCTS will continue to produce cool mini racing products with a focus mini stock car racing and durability so you can do the old bump & run with your friends with out trashing your mini RC cars. We have many new products in the works and some will be coming soon. STOCK CAR RACING FANS KEEP A CLOSE EYE ON ARE WEB SITE.

A message to are members.
We opened on black Friday in 2002 at the Clifton Park mall. We started on the east wing of the mall and then moved to the west wing because most of the businesses on the east wing left the mall. Last winter we had most of the businesses on the west wing leave the mall. Bottom line the mall was dead.

Are original intention was to become a seasonal business and find a new location in the fall but after looking we found no suitable location anywhere close to the price we were paying at the Clifton Park mall

P.S. DAVE, ARCH2B please leave CP MINI RC RACEWAY listed in this track directory until late spring because some of are members have been major contributors to this forum and may have some questions and I will answer them here.

2005.11.27, 11:26 AM
That is incredibily sad... CP was imho one of the top in north america... it is a sad loss... I hope some day you will find a place and reopen for more racing action.

2005.12.03, 02:38 AM
That is a shame. CP racing was a great shop but I'lll keep ordering from your online concern.

2006.04.03, 12:27 PM
hey Eric are you doing the Albany Auto show? I saw a comercial on TV and it showed a mini-nascar race. They looked like your kits/cars ,,just wondering.

2006.04.03, 06:46 PM
eric, i hope you wil continue to contribute as your club members do. you all are a very experienced group with alot to share.

sorry to hear you were not able to find a new location. as walways, i enjoy your products and look forward to seeing what you produce in the future. i still need to get the mr-02 kit :rolleyes:

2006.10.27, 12:35 AM
I really miss your track man.... Theres like, nowhere else to race up here. Im going insane.

Youll remember me... trust me.