View Full Version : Firelap Enzo bodys for sale at TE.

2005.11.26, 08:39 AM
Well, TE had finally decided to start selling these, and may I say that black one looks preety darn good.

If you don't like it you could use it for a beater body, which is a good deal at only $10 a body.

2005.11.26, 10:06 AM
another good thing is that the body is moulded in one piece, so its stiffer that the kyosho, and should hold upp better. the down side is that if you plan to paint the body with other colour than the standard one then you have to mask the windows and all details.

2005.11.26, 12:14 PM
Good find. It looks cool. I like the black. The bodies are stiffer. I have two of the Mclaren GTR's and I like the all one piece designe. Almost makes me want to get one.


2005.11.26, 01:11 PM
it must just be how they fit on iwaver chassis's that turns me off to them. if you guys all say they fit k. chassis' fine i'll look into when they will turn up in the shop her ean have to pick some up for bandon. god knows he need some cheaper bodies as he's been thru 3 k. enzo's this year already.

i was hoping they would offer it in the usual iwaver black, silver, white, red, orange, blue

2005.11.27, 11:32 AM
Arch, did you try the iw mclaren? It sits perfectly on either iwaver or kyosho chassis... they are a good bit tougher than the old carerra and gt40... I know they wont be as beautiful but some sacrifices must be made for price, i'm glad that they are actually liscening the bodies now... i laugh pretty hard at the wrx body from 2 years ago :)

2005.11.27, 11:41 AM
no, i have not had any iwaver bodies other than teh clone clk and other old mr-01 bodies

i have a feeling my son will soon be running iwaver bodies exclusively though :p