View Full Version : Post 50' Drag Times (only)

2001.11.05, 12:43 AM
50 feet is approximately a quarter mile in Mini-Z scale; how fast can your Mini-Z do it? Post your times here!

2001.11.05, 10:44 PM
please post 50 ft. times only! Also list the surface type and your car's setup; thanks!

2001.11.24, 08:07 PM
Well me and the two other guys I race with measured out the scale 1/4mile and used a light tree to start with. I ran a 3.36 w/ my WRX and xspeed motor, and 9 tooth gear. The other two stock ones ran 3.60's average.

2001.11.30, 09:13 PM
OK, finally did the drag runs :) F-MA pulled a best time of 3.6 seconds for 50'. My best was 2.9 seconds flat. I have a witness to back me up too..hehe...

The 2.9 was with the 10T pinion, with a 9T I got 2.96 seconds as a best time, my 8T seems to be getting chewed up so I skipped it, and with a 7T I ran a 3.7s. I had on a 41T spur gear w/ X-Speed motor too.

F=MA ran his GPM torque motor with a 42T spur & 12T pinion.

2002.03.19, 12:02 PM
I tried timing it my self yesterday, and this is not accurate, because I did not mark the start to finish. I do know that it was beyond 70 feet. I got from my imaginary start to the finish line in approximately 2 seconds. I wasn't gunning it either, for if I did, the car would have spun out.

2002.08.28, 04:36 PM
i threw my mini-z and it was under a second........lol

I ran a stock f1 with some homemade foams it ran a 3.45

oh on carpet

mini Z modifier
2003.01.18, 10:11 AM
i got 1.96 secs with my 9T and my motor i hand made. but that was my first one.

2003.03.20, 02:55 PM
I ran a 2.80 with a PN S01 and a V2 turbo, using a 7 tooth. Ill try a 9. It seems that these things top out fast, and that its more of a top speed run rather than a off the line run.

2003.04.17, 12:55 PM
I ran a 4.56 on the run and my car is completely stock and 8t gear. I ran it on a bumpy concrete road in my subdivision.:(

2003.04.20, 12:07 PM
Wow if only these things were real!

2003.04.26, 06:22 PM
I ran a 3.73 second drag time from a dead stop on a rough concrete road. Everything is completely stock with nimh rechargable batteries(750mha). I used the nine turn pinion gear.:rolleyes:

2003.08.01, 05:02 AM
i'll believe it wen i see it!

but i think you and NML shud drag race!

2004.03.24, 09:15 PM
just to show how much faster the mini-zs are than the xmods...my fully upraded xmod with a 10t pinion ran it in 4.7 seconds. And im hearing that a stock f1 could do it more than a second faster!!

2004.04.15, 05:06 PM
This is making me curious.

Maybe i'll try it with my xmod before i sell it.

I paced my truck with it going 22mph ;)

Dutch Mini Racer
2004.04.23, 08:02 AM
How many meters is 15 feet?


2004.05.01, 10:31 PM
How many meters is 15 feet?


3 Feet = 1 Meter

15 Feet = 5 Meters

Ken Mifune
2004.05.01, 11:55 PM
39.37" in a meter.

15 feet=4.572 meters .

Why 15 feet?

2004.07.19, 02:48 PM
:) well my sky line ran 50 in about 1.01 stock on carpet super charging my moter with one of thoughs train set things to make the train go faster well took it appart doped the weight set it for 50k's blow m y moter though

2004.07.23, 04:57 PM
are you sure you aren't pulling our chains?

I wish i had one of nomotorlimits motors

2004.10.27, 11:03 AM
or it getting sling shoted by chains....or was it a real skyline :p

2005.12.29, 05:18 PM
My Gen 1 xmod can run it in about 4 seconds...with a rolling start (a lap or 3 around a Gym)

2006.01.11, 03:15 AM
your x-mod is a toy! CHECK THIS OUT--->http://ikinari-rc.com/ And at the bottom of the link click on the video it says its the 7.4v vid....
so think about that when u address the mini-z's!
and im out this bitch.......

2006.01.19, 05:00 PM
your x-mod is a toy!

Gee, really? I thought it was hobby grade like those 1/8 pan cars with Siro or Novarossi engines and 300 dollar radio gear! :D

2007.11.23, 05:44 PM
cool I think I have 50ft of rcp!