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2005.12.02, 09:13 AM
Anyone know where I can get a new servo-saver for the new IW02?

My front tires stick out a little on my modified Merc DTM body and I snagged the sidewall of the RCP track the other day. Shattered the servo-saver in a heartbeat!

LHS (local hobby shop) doesn't have replacements in stock yet. :(

2005.12.04, 08:08 PM
not to take over your thread but ialso nee dreplacement parts so please help us

2005.12.05, 12:40 AM
look at tower, they already have a bunch of the replacement and upgrade parts in stock. -or- you can email the shop here and see if they will carry replacement parts as well.

2005.12.05, 02:30 AM
If it is the older IW02 check with the shop here first, shipping will be 2-3 days. If you find a listing for the MR-02 it will fit the old IW02.

If the shop does not have what you need then rc mart probably will have it.

2005.12.22, 05:23 AM
If it is the older IW02 check with the shop here first, shipping will be 2-3 days. If you find a listing for the MR-02 it will fit the old IW02.

If the shop does not have what you need then rc mart probably will have it.

bda52 how do you tell if its an old or new IW02? and do you have any opinions of wich is better?

2005.12.22, 08:49 AM
Newest Iwaver has the flat plastic pan car type chassis and the separate steering servo. The steering servo is definately a weak link. I broke two of them in a 10 minute span trying to run on an RCP track.

Yes Tower has the parts, but I am not going to pay $4.49 every time I break a servo saver. They only sell them as a complete set. They do not sell the little servo saver rings separately (which any self respecting company - refering to Iwaver) would and should do.

I created my own servo saver from a grey nylon bearing from an Xmod Evolution AWD kit. The inside diamater was close so I cut a slot in it, widened the slot a bit so it would fit on the existing servo saver, sanded the outside edges down until it was the right diameter and presto. I ran at least 4 packs of batteries through the car on an RCP track the other night and never broke the servo saver in spite of contacting the wall on several occasions.

The cheap, weak, plastic servo saver is just one of the many quality problems with the new Iwaver. If you haven't bought one yet, don't. Save your money and keep yourself from being frustrated and disappointed.

2005.12.22, 01:46 PM
bda52 how do you tell if its an old or new IW02? and do you have any opinions of wich is better?

Tazz pretty much has my back on this one. The old IW02 (still released new named Firelap 2.0) is a clone of the MR-02. The advantages of it is it is much cheaper than a Kyosho MR-02. The disadvantages of it is it is much cheaper than an MR-02.

Though I have not had any problems with my old IW02 there seems to be quite a bit of problems with the Firelap 2.0

As far as the new IW02, I have not driven one. My LHS has 2 GT's and 2 Saleen's in stock. After seeing more poor than good reviews on the new IW02 on this site, I am going to hold off on getting that chassis for now. I may pick up one of the bodies though. Iwaver makes some very tough bodies and the looks of those bodies have improved some too. It is still not Kyosho Autoscale quality but with how good looking the K ASC bodies are I hate to scratch them all up.

It seems like if you are on a budget the best bet would be to get a Firelap 2.0 and a Kyosho chassis to put the guts of the Firelap in. I think it was Twenty-se7en that posted his Firelap chassis broke for no reason and he was not around it. Either that or search eBay for a used Kyosho. That is where I have purchased most of my cars and all of the Kyosho's have ran great.

Best bet if you do not have to worry about a budget is go with Kyosho. No doubt. It is still by far the best car in this scale.

Check with the shop here if looking for a new Kyosho. They are a few dollars more than the HK companies but the HK companies charge a bunch for shipping (and it can take up to 2 weeks to get the car). The other nice things with buying from the shop here: 1) shipping is usually less than 4 day. 2) If you would happen to have a problem with your car, they will take care of your warranty or other needs.

2005.12.22, 05:47 PM
when reading all the posts about the new iw car then it seems that the car that has been released in the rest of the world cant be much better than the one that was released in sweden.
makes me wonder if iwaver released the car just to earn money on option parts, but on the other hand, i havent seen any options for it anywhere yet... and $80 for the car.. never.

no if iwaver wants to survive then they better continue to do replicas of other succesful and proven models as the kyosho 02. a awd replica would be nice :D

2005.12.22, 08:35 PM

I agree with you about the Iwaver bodies. They are very strong. One piece molded. They start out clear and are then painted on the outside. I would love to see them offer them unpainted and try painting one from the inside.

As for the newest Iwavers, I had mine out on the track again tonight. It really is not a bad little car once you get a few bugs worked out of it. It runs laps on par with the 01 Z, but falls short of the 02. I would say it handles and tracks a bit better than the 01. It is probably best suited to tight twisty tracks as the car is quite agile and seems to handle best at less than full throttle.

Things that have to be done to get the Iwaver to run decently:

1. Servo saver must be upgraded. The stock servo saver breaks at the touch of a RCP rail. I took a grey nylon bushing from an Xmod Evolution AWD kit and cut a slot in it and sanded the outside down to the right size. I have run at least 6 packs of batteries through the car with this servo saver, pulled numerous tires off the front wheels by rubbing the walls and it has not broken.

2. The stock motor that comes with the car must be replaced for it to be comptetitive. Mine ran about half the speed of a Z when I put it down the first time. The problem is I don't know if the stock board can handle a stock Z motor. I put one in my newest Iwaver with a stock board and within 10 minutes I had range of 2 inches. I thought it was a fluke and put a stock motor in the other car the next day and it did the same thing. I have since installed a pro board and have had no problems running the stock motor. If the stock board can not handle an upgraded motor then the car is totally useless.

3. The steering servo is quite slow compared to a Mini Z, but does work ok. You can replace the servo motor with a Zip Zap motor if you would like to do so.

The last question is regarding the quality. I have had the two stock boards burn out and 1 transmitter stop working. I guess it is still hit and miss as to what you get in this area.

Bottom line is if you knew you were going to get a reliable one the Iwaver is a step up from the Xmod for the additional $20, but the Mini Z for another $40 to $60 is a sure thing and if you go with the MR02 you are getting the best.

2005.12.22, 11:30 PM
So is it unsafe to pop a stock Z motor in there? My neighbor is taunting me with his STOCK xmod evo :D
By the way, if the board did burn, does Hobbico replace it?

2005.12.23, 11:34 AM
I have posed the question about the stock Z motor to Hobbico Services. I am waiting for a reply. With some persistance I convinced them to send me only the boards instead of sending the whole car back. They were not real keen on the idea but did agree. I am waiting to receive two new stock boards.

I really don't know if it was the stock Z motor that caused the range problems or not or if I just had faulty boards. Again, the speed control did not burn up, something in the receiver part failed. I onlyI only know that is the only change I made and they had been doing fine up to that point.

Maybe there are others that will post if they have been able to make the swap and not burn up a board.

2005.12.23, 04:50 PM
firelap 2.0 all the way! either that or the mr02 if you have the money.

2005.12.23, 08:40 PM
Hmm... interesting. It doesn't make sense that a motor could burn out a reciever. Did the antenna touch the motor in any way? (That was a big problem in the xmods). Usually the first thing that burns out from a new motor is the fets... unless iwaver is that bad at designing elecs.

2005.12.23, 09:11 PM
Nope, antenna didn't touch anything. Car had been running for about 10 min and stopped dead at the end of the straight.

I did run the car again tonight at the track and I have to say I am beginning to like the way it runs. Played with the springs and tires and got it to run 27 laps and ran a mid 10 second lap. That compares with 29 laps and a high 9 second lap for my 02 Enzo.

Haven't broken anything on the car since I modified the servo saver.