View Full Version : My i-waver is 3 weeks old! Review time!

ol modder
2005.12.02, 12:13 PM
After reading various reviews on the i-waver 02 i decided to get one.
So... a subaru impreza 02 it was for 70 which i thought was reasonable.

In the box...The chassis, body, and transmitter were packed very well.( i mean VERY well) if your aged under 21 you will struggle :D
As for the spares, they were everywhere and at first thought id lost some of them but later found them in the box.

First impressions...I took a look at the chassis and the body which i felt was well detailed ( comparing to my overland body) and it seems durable too.
Lookin at the chassis it looked well balanced and had a low central gravity.

First testdrive...On the first drive i was using alkaline battery. Its very quick even standard, and the grip isnt too bad either. It understeers a lot on hard surfaces because its very light at the front but some tyres will soon sort that out. Rear end grip is superb and difficult to spin out even on hard surfaces. After a few weeks the tyres loose there smooth sheen and get even grippier and has slightly cured my understeer.
The suspension up front is a bit sticky at first but add a few drops of shock oil and they soon become smooth. The rear shock was preety smooth but again i added some shock oil and it is even smoother now. A problem i found was the spring was too weak and after a corner the shock could not level the wheels back out and caused it to veer off to one side so i replaced it with an old overland spring which are much stiffer and it works a treat.

Second test drive with a few tweeks...On this drive i used 850nimh batterys and the punch you get from them is cool. stiffer springs were added up front and 7 tooth pinion gear too, all make it a smoother better handling ride.

Down sides :( ... after some fun driving, the car came to a sudden stop. On inspection i found the chassis had shattered big time where the side body mount sits, and where the battery terminals are held. the terminal had moved away from the battery causing it to stop. A bit dissapointed but anyway, i set to work to make a tempory peice to hold the terminals which is workin well until i order my clear chassis. That is all that is wrong tho!

Final thought... Its fast, the body is rigid, the chassis im not too sure about.
For the price difference between these and mini-z they are well worth it.

Hope my review helps people as other reviws helped me!

Im going now to finish my carbon fibre front splitter, my rear diffuser, my lexan undercarriage, an " adjustable" rear wing( which is gona be sooo cool) for different downforces, and a respray. Ill keep pics of progress for ya. :)

2005.12.02, 12:52 PM
I recently bought a firelap which is the rebranded iwaver 02 (not the new one) and I am having hell with it... the steering is killing me, I haven't even had one race with it yet because i'm so frustrated... check out my "Firelap 2.0 Steering Issue" thread to see if you can help me out :)

Great review by the way lol

Ibrake Ifry
2005.12.03, 04:37 PM
i haven't messed with iwaver since the rebrand due to the fact that they are horrible in racing situations. the electronics are poor quality and end up just twitching and bugging while other people are racing. If you have a home track or just plan to play with it outside then they are perfect! unfortunately that what they are best at.
Iwaver metallic pieces, ball diff, and bodies are good quality and i would highly recommend any of them.

2005.12.03, 05:44 PM
Yeah, I wouldn't knock the Iwaver hop ups... they have been really good... but I have had so many problems with Iwavers... I have wasted so many hours fretting over these little POS... excuse my emplied language.