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2002.03.16, 03:47 PM

I have gone nuts over my Tomica Bit Char-G (Nissan Gloria) and have run it all over the floors and beefed it up with the 2.6 engine and just ran the heck out of it.

But I lusted for more power: so I ordered a Mini-Z: the Ferrari 360 Modena.


The Bit Char-G with the 2.6 was on crack - but it was still managable inside on the kitchen floor, etc. With the 1.0 engine, it was actually a table top racer.

But the Mini-Z is no table top racer, despite the claims on the box.

This thing requires room to run!

The house is too small. So I hosed and hand-cleaned the floor of our 2-car garage - and still it seems too small. I am unable to get it up to anywhere near top speed! This thing is a *serious* fire-breathing racer!!!!

So, without going to the expense of building an elaborate track - my question is where to run this racer? Where do you play with your mini-z?


ps. I have attached a pic of the new Ferrari next to my Nissan Gloria.

2002.03.17, 03:43 AM
You'd have to have a pretty big table to race your mini-Z on it ;)
Something like two table tennis tables might suffice.
I run my mini-z on the livingroom floor. For racing we tape whatever is available for track markers to the floor in an open space at the office.
Plastic floors are slippery, so we use sponge tires to have some grip. The stock tires had none, soft compound tires had some more but it was still like racing on ice with slicks :D


FenDer BenDer
2002.03.17, 10:33 AM
for the time being I run my car on a 4x8 track I made..(live in apartment)

but planning on building a 8x12 track in my dads garage

the one thing I find is without a track or at least set borders
the cars can become boring..a track makes 100% difference

2002.03.26, 10:31 AM


I am in McKinney, about 10 miles north of you. Lets hook up sometime.:D

2002.03.26, 12:57 PM
sigh, does anyone run on parking lot asphalt?
is this an impossibility for mini-z's?
i've been running outside my townhouse in the parking lot
and well......
after installing a new motor,
the mini-z runs out of control all the time...
flips over every 5 seconds....
will suspension parts cure this issue?
or maybe foam tires?
or is it just not designed to run on asphalt?

2002.03.26, 01:45 PM
no place in New York. I am alone :( :mad:. except fer my school parking lot in the summertime, but that really does wonder for the chassis

2002.03.26, 01:51 PM
i race on my newly paved driveway. It's really smooth and big, so I can really get up to speed.... The only thing I don't like is the slant, it really slows down the car, but when you're going down, it's amazingly fast......

2002.03.26, 02:05 PM
PIKES PEAK HILL CLIMB!!!!!!!! (where the Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak Version rules the territory! it is in Pikes Peak, Colorado)

2002.03.26, 06:29 PM
Same with me! i have a friend that is interested but says he wont use it enough. And my other friend and his dad just got a t-maxx, so i cant compete (only electric cars!)! Also, I cant afford a track so I ahve nothing to do with my car :( . My anti-miniz lhs doesnt help either. I know how u guys feel. :(

2002.03.26, 06:47 PM
I am Z-GHOSTDOG-RAIDER and my specialty is my 7 x 13 kitchen.
If you cant stand the heat........
Every now-and-so, I am priveledged to race in a garage. The garden hose and *pool noodle speedway is laid out. That usually means business gents.
I love to race , but this solo gig is getting boring. I may just go meet my neighbor and buy her a mini-z. Shes 70 sometin but theres no mercy.

Semper FI
*swimming pool floatation devices that look like long noodles

2002.03.26, 07:30 PM
hahahaha LOL :p :D :D

2002.03.27, 01:20 AM
check out


i usually go there once a week... to keep things quite interesting, they regularly change the track layout... since they opened they changed the track layout 3 times... track surface is asphalt paper...

2002.03.28, 07:59 PM
Awww. You guys don't know how lucky u are to live by a track, or someone to race with. It's SO boring without someone to race! I hope i can find a track soon :( .

2002.03.28, 09:02 PM
You're not the only one :(

2002.03.28, 09:10 PM
likewise :(
i've only myself and the parking lot to keep me company...
sometimes not even...when it rains :rolleyes:
actually, hardtrukr,
where is berne, ny?
are you in manhattan often?
i work on 99th and madison ave. if you do :)

2002.03.28, 09:13 PM
oh man, ne'ermind....
berne is next to albany and schenectady?
i remember GE gave me plane tickets
when i went there to interview in schenectady

2002.03.28, 09:23 PM
You got it '5! Never been down therein my life:(. I am up around Albany. A few miles southwest of it actually. Also the Catskills are around me. So no go for me :(

2003.03.07, 09:32 AM

ANYONE know of a track in the city?? me and a few friends want to race and have a pretty cool place brooklyn but we are all willing to travel to the city, from what i hear the track in queens is lame..