View Full Version : CUSTOM xmod/mini z

2005.12.04, 09:39 PM
i took my evo f150 pickup and glued a ol mini z rear end under it with swampers and neo mags it run great.ill get some pics of it on hear tomarrow.

2005.12.13, 06:25 PM
must be pritty nice o yeah hows the evo stock

2005.12.14, 05:53 PM
Not to sound too mean, but that seems like a stupid idea. The only reason I bought the xmod over the OL is because of the AWD. With the OL backend, you lose that, and if the xtruck was RWD, Kyosho would be laughing it up right now, because frankly, the OL has more articulation and better build quality, the xmod just has AWD.