View Full Version : We,re still hereeee!!!

2005.12.05, 12:24 PM
Have not been here in awhile guys so figured I better pop in. We,re still racing here on some of the biggest track around. Anyone,s ever traveling thru this part of the woods stop in for some action. We can say we,re home of the world champs now also even though it was not me :mad: I,ll try to be more active here and post up some pics from time to time

2005.12.05, 02:43 PM
Where's here? Are you close to Phoenix Arizona? We race on 4 wide L's in our club.

2005.12.05, 06:16 PM
Houston man, just like the heading for this section says. We run on about 8 or more large L,s 3 wide. We,ve been doing it for a little over a year now. Theres probably some older pics elsewhere in this thread and at reflexracing.com. Use to come here frequently but got busy. Just trying to get the word out we,re still here,racing regular and anyone,s welcome to come by and ck us out.

2005.12.09, 07:43 AM
madf1man, great to hear from you, we wondered what had happened to you! Email me when you get a chance! :)