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2005.12.05, 03:51 PM
Okay i created this thread for us to show off pics of our cars. I figuer we can also post set ups along with the pic of the car and the chassis. We're growing in numbers as well as the # of cars and bodies in our club so i figuered we could show em off. I'll post pics later tonight of my garage and the current set ups i have on each and for the different races as far as the AZGT and the HFAY.

2005.12.05, 07:05 PM
Looking forward to checking it out.

Dusty Weasle
2005.12.09, 04:39 AM
My new F1 arrived, all hopped up and ready to race. Lots of Atomic stuff in it. A little scuffed up by the previous owner, but tuned like a dream.

2005.12.09, 09:39 AM
Cool... scuffed up is nothing ... if you plan on using it a lot i'm sure that you will eventually get your favorite body and put it on there :)

2005.12.11, 12:30 AM
Here are some pics of my F1 in it's new Jordan skin. The other cars in my garage to come soon.

Okay i added 2 other pics of the cars i'm currently racing, my red Modena MR02 and my Focus MR01

2006.02.13, 12:55 AM
The Focus is on an MR01 with GPM balldiff and bearing kit. It has a carbon H-plate, medium i think. Besides switching between stock and alloy wheels and running Topcad 15* tyres with either rim, the chassis is all stock out of the box.

The Esso Supra is on an MR02 with a balldiff and soft t-plate and bearings. I run it with Topcad blue wheels and topcad 15* tyres. The rest is all stock i believe.

The Vauxhall is on an MA-010 AWD chassis. The chassis is completely box stock and was baught as a chassis set since i have a few Tx already and plenty of bodies for it. I have bearings and alloy outdrives to install as soon as time permits. I plan to buy some PN alloy parts as current parts break.

The F1 is currently running Jordan bitten heroes livery. Yellow spring on rear shock and red springs on the front and clear front bumper. The motor is an X-speed and currently running the black gear diff, but have a gold balldiff on standby. Black alloy wheels and red wheel nuts with Kyosho 20* front and rear. And ofcourse, bearings.

2006.02.22, 05:17 PM
Here is a group photo of most of my cars and bodies. MY police R34, blue RX-7, Blue Altezza and lime green NSX are missing from the group shot as i forgot about them. My bodies that are 'under construction' are also not included.