View Full Version : I have this motor and wow! Help???

ol modder
2005.12.07, 02:18 PM
My 02 iwaver has the stock motor in it.
I bought some 1 toys from the pound shop and they came with a customised motor. The motor looks very cheap and has a red casing. Just to test the motor i wired it up and "wow" this thing just revved and revved that much i thought it was gona blow. It revved 3 times more than my stock!

I took the magnets out and they was really week.
I couldnt test the motor drivin the car because the wires werent long enough.
If the magnets are week does it mean ill get no torque but masses of top end, and if i put my stock magnets in to the customized motor will i still get the top end.?

I dont really wanna try this because i dont want it to damage the board, until somebody who has knowledge tells me to go for it.

Help is much apreciated. thanks

2005.12.07, 08:27 PM
Is the motor sizing the same as the Z? If the magnets are weak it is true that you will lose torque, think about getting some neo magnets, I think the shop has them if not I think Draconious might have them in his shop, he supplied here I beleive. I wouldn't think about trying it on your car without serious FET job... Iwavers tend to blow fets like crazy in my history, so a motor that you don't know how many turns it has is a really risky idea.

ol modder
2005.12.08, 12:04 PM
the customised motor looks to have a lot less turns and a thicker guage wire too.
How many fets would be required to know that its safe??

Thanks for any help