View Full Version : mini-Q monster trucks????

2005.12.12, 12:55 PM
was searching today on ebay and saw these mini-Q monster trucks,, they look identical to mini-z's and fastlane superslicks... have anyone had any recent experience with these. the price of them seemed to be fairly reasonable... seems like all you are paying is shipping,, and a few dollars for the auction..

what is the deal with these..

here is a video.. http://www.timber.hk/video/mini2/mini2%20-%20APUS/mini2%20APUS%20-%20512Kbps.html

2005.12.13, 09:49 PM
so does anyone have any recent dealings with these cars,, have they improved since they first came out,,

2005.12.14, 03:23 AM
I've never seen these before, but from the video, they look non-proportional to me


2005.12.14, 05:14 AM
i have order this monster mini-q but isn't arrived, i have also order some accessories, rims bumpers motor Xspeed pro ecc.., but i have read that i can change this parts, and i have buy yesterday a firelap 4.0.
in the mini q the rims are without lug nuts and the motor is sealed

2005.12.14, 02:33 PM
There was a thread discussion a while back about those cars. Do a search. From what I recall the monster trucks suck. I dont think that you should have wasted your money bying one.


2005.12.14, 06:44 PM
most threads regarding the mini-q are very old,, this is why i asked if anyone has had any RECENT dealings with them,, maybe quality has improved over the years..

2005.12.17, 09:46 AM
Highly Unlikely, the quality is most definitaly going to be the same.

2005.12.21, 10:22 AM
well 2 things i found out about the ebay auction... there are 3 freqs available but they pick the cars at random so you may end up with the same freqs... and the wheels are fixed.nonremoveabe..

2005.12.21, 07:24 PM
hey are they awd they look like it thought maby just being a noob agin

2005.12.21, 08:23 PM
id get it 4 the bodies!!!!!!!