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2005.12.12, 02:50 PM
I don't see a MR-01 board, but I have a question about the biggest diameter, widest tire that I can put on this chassis and what wheels I need to accomadate them.

I've got an old camaro body and I'm trying to make my old mini z look like a road course car and I don't know what parts I need to do this.

Can anyone help me out??


If I didn't post this in the right place, can you move it where it needs to be?


2005.12.12, 03:23 PM
Front tires are 8.5mm wide and rears are 11mm wide. Fronts are called narrows and rears are called Wides. It's fairly easy to match up. Narrow tires-narrow wheels, wide tires-wide wheels.

There is also offsets. The offset is the inside of the wheel where the hub(i think) connects to the diff shaft in the rear and the knuckles up front. That offset ranges from zero to +3 for stock kyosho wheels. There are some companies that have +3 fronts and rears and -.5 fronts but only 0 rears.