View Full Version : Body Mounts - Heat Gun - AWD MA01

2005.12.12, 07:55 PM
Ok I dont know if anyone ever bothered with this, but to make a viper fit more snug I heated the body and squeezed it a bit so it fit the chassis a bit better, wouldnt fly off...

however in the process I discovered that the white body mount plastics (dont know about the black ones)... when warm/hot is very maluable like puddy...

Reason for this post? Just an idea for a way to raise or lower a body... or ruin it if you do it wrong or over heat it lol ;)

For the AWD nose that ppl keep complaining that other bodies ride too high, well you culd bend the nose mount down a bit... with out shimming the nose mount, however remember that once you go to put that back on a MR01 or MR02.. its gona sit lower ;)

2005.12.12, 07:57 PM
I would also like to point out a product called Utile Plast...

Should be very good for making custom body mounts for models, repair of body mounts, even a quick fix motor clip...


I plan on ordering my self a bulk order after the holidays (when funds permit) just to experiment with... I also emailed david to carry it in the TRC/MZR shop...

Could even be used to reshape a metal body, before you vacume a mold over it.

Ibrake Ifry
2005.12.13, 01:23 PM
i know this has nothing to do with awd ma-010 but you could also use a heat gun to create fender flares if you heat the plastic up just right you can create some cool effects. besides the looks it is also very functional for the front end because it gives your wheels/tires more clearance if you hit the wall. I hate breaking knuckles and losing tires due to narrow offset bodies. :mad:

2005.12.13, 03:13 PM
Funny you say that, my next heat experiment was going to be on a Black Audi TT body I have sitting here, I was going to use the large metal curved disk on my soldering iron to sort of pull the fenders out a few mm to fit on the MR02 ;)

Been afraid too tho cuz its a totaly unused body... Guess I will practice on my first Z body, the BMW :)

2005.12.13, 05:16 PM
Draconious, you'll have to post some pics of how it turns out. I have a couple of bodies i want to do this to as well. 1 of wich is my Altezza body, I've been wanting to transform it into an Altezza LM. It's a favorite car of mine to use in GT3 A-spec. I had thought about just baking it in the oven so that i could bend out the body trim for a body-kit effect and pull out the fenders giving it a wide-body look. I've been kinda afraid :o to do it since i like my Altezza body.

Ibrake Ifry
2005.12.13, 09:03 PM
if you use the heat gun on the outside of the body it will crack the clear coat and paint. It is definately better to heat it up from the inside! If you overheat it(very easy) you got one weird looking fender!!! i first practiced on an iwaver body!