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2005.12.14, 07:16 PM
I've got a MicroSizer, and I'd like to get another for my 6 yr old daughter. She enjoys playing with mine, and I'd like to have a matching one for her. But I don't think that plain MicroSizers are still available. So, among the offerings available from Radio Shack and Toys R Us, what is the best mico RC for a 6 yr old? I'm looking for durable and easy to control. Speed is the last consideration. I need easy to control. Santa's bringing me a Mini-Z, but I don't think that would be a good idea for her.

I know that this technically isn't the right forum for micros, but the traffic on Tiny RC micro forums is quite low, and the people here seem quite knowledgable and helpful.


2005.12.14, 07:23 PM
micro sizers are still out there, for very very low cost...
on a specific onling hobby shop that towers over the rest lol....

2005.12.14, 08:15 PM
my son is 5 and he has both an xmods evo car, truck, mr-02, and overland. naturally i prefer for him to run xmods since they are cheaper but i just find it easier in teh long run for him to run a mini-z. i know where to get parts and i don't have to drive anywhere to get them. xmods are prone to break as well :( my son really likes the xmods evo though

2005.12.15, 01:31 AM
My son was also 6 when he first started racing rc's. He started with microsizers as well then we all got x-mods and now he's 8 and we all run Mini-z's. A cheaper alternative to a mini-z is the Iwaver 02(now firelap but not the "NEW Chassis" iwaver 02). They come with all the pinions to gear it very low and the tx is better. The Iwaver also takes a lot of mini-z replacement parts and is much easier to control than an x-mod. I have always found that you should start with a cheaper alternative for children in the case they get burned out and lose interest.

My son has 2 of his own mini-z's and will be drifting his own ma-01 awd car. He also has his own MicroRS4 which we used to drift before the ma-01. In the end I think your daughter will be happy with anything rc as long as it's with her parents.


2005.12.15, 08:18 AM
Thanks for the suggestions. I'm not going to get her a 1/28 yet for two reasons. One, I want her to learn how to control one first, and two, I want a micro so I can make a track that can be stored in the family room behind the sofa. A 1/28 track would have to be in the basement. I plan on having both, but first I want a small track we can use without going to the basement.


2005.12.16, 08:44 PM
Just buy her a tmaxx jk jk. I remember there used to be microsizers that were like mariocart editions and those are very cool. Im sure that they would also be very apealing to a small girl because of all the colors and what not. Ill look for a link if they still make them.

2005.12.16, 08:55 PM

thats the link, but they are discontinued anyways... :( :(

2005.12.18, 02:16 PM
Thanks for all the suggestions. Given the time available until Christmas, and what I could find locally, I went with a Zip Zap SE. I'm hoping the controller will make it a little easier to control than the non-proportional cars.


2005.12.18, 04:47 PM
I had a zip zap and it was awesome. IM sure your daughter will love it.