View Full Version : I need a design for a weird size track

2002.03.17, 09:25 AM
I have a great table in my shed that WAS for running 1/32 slot cars. It is 16 feet long by 40 inches wide. Yep, 40 inches. That's it. The table is awesome, 6" walls all around. Is there any hope for making a Mini Z Track with these dimensions, or do I just build the biggest Bit Char-G track in the world instead? :)

Any and all track designs are welcome.

2002.03.17, 10:28 AM
Can you widen the table at each end?
Just enough that you don't have to stop to make the turn?

2002.03.17, 10:32 AM
I can widen one end, and may have to do that. I am stuck with the other end though -- it would block the door! But the end that I could widen I could really widen...probably to 9-10'! I was just being lazy - wanted to avoid the work... :)