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2005.12.19, 08:44 PM
Please let me know your thoughts on this issue. I am wanting to start drag racing at my hobby store. I have talked with several lexan makers and I am in the process of getting some chassis made. Bring back the muscle car to the 1/4 mile.

2005.12.20, 06:19 AM
email chuckyluv. he has lots of rc drag experience :p ;)

2006.01.08, 07:32 PM
I think its a great idea. I'm new to Mini-Z's but not to R/C racing. Mini Z's should handle drag racing very well because it can be done indoors in a small space compared to 1/10th. Also, parts are so cheap and simple that you can build your own chassis fairly easy and even borrow parts/techniques from the slot car drag guys. If you need anyone to brainstorm with feel free to hit me up!

2006.01.08, 10:25 PM
There should be a Mini Z Street Stock class. It means that the chassis should be a Mini Z chassis with a Mini Z type rear mount, using a 130 type motor. You can run any tires a locked diff and, or any suspension setups you want.You should also be limited to the four AAA batteries for the car.

2006.01.08, 10:39 PM
I agree. A stock class with "bolt-on's" a full out custom chassis "anything goes" and maybe something in between. of course it will depend on racer interest as far as what classes and rules to have, but the options are endless.

A real big trend in 1:1 drag racing is the drag radial class. They run whatever motor they want, but they have to use a radial tire. Its VERY exciting racing because its very difficult to get all the HP to hook. You could do something similar with Z's. Any motor and chassis you want, but run a hard compound tire with no traction aid and let them try to boogie down the track :D

2006.01.09, 05:06 AM
Someone should look up RCM's old thread about this, he built a 1/28th scale rail dragster from scratch....very cool

2010.03.08, 10:58 PM
Is there anyone drag racing Mini-Zs ?? Looking for info, accessories, tips.....


2011.01.25, 11:53 PM
hey guys,
i love to watch drag racing.
thanks Alex Kyoshosan for sharing.....