View Full Version : i want a firelap

2005.12.20, 08:43 PM
does anyone know where i can buy a firelap 02 from a store not ebay.i tried ******* but they don't have any

2005.12.21, 02:00 AM
....... they are around just look harder.....

2005.12.21, 05:21 AM
the shop here has the new iwaver 2.0 ford gt's. firelap is a propietary brand of asian shop(s) (same car though). for u.s. sales and distribution, you would purchase an iwaver

Team Zip Way
2005.12.21, 07:07 AM
If you are worried about unreliable eBay sellers, buy from r c M a r t on ebay. If you search Iwaver, they will come up with the old 02 (exactly like the firelap) Go into the Iwaver that you want and look at the seller. If it is rc mart, it is just the store selling on ebay, so you can be sure that they will ship it to you well.