View Full Version : Monsters and XMODs

2005.12.22, 07:22 PM
Can one run a couple of Monsters and some XMODs at the same time? I had read somewhere that there is intereference that prevents this. Is my memory correct?

2005.12.22, 07:36 PM
if they are diffent frequincies they wont they arent even on the same radio baords theya re completely differnet i wouldnt worry bout it

2005.12.22, 07:41 PM
Unfortunately, if you are using a Perfex or Futaba radio with the monsters, you do have to worry about it.

We have tried to run Xmods with Mini Zs and have had very little success. Unless the Perfex and Futaba radios lower their antennas by 2 or 3 sections, the Xmods experience glitching and lack of control. Then unfortunately, the Perfex and Futabas suffer from the same problem.

While the Xmod is proprietary and only the Xmod transmitter can actually control the car, the other transmitters signal interferes with the Xmod to the point that it experiences radio hits.

I was working on my Xmod in the basement and was noticing that I was having radio problems. I had been working on my Iwaver before this and discovered I had left the transmitter on. The Xmod was on channel 4 and the Iwaver was on channel 12. As soon as I turned the Iwaver transmitter off, the Xmod behaved normally.

2005.12.22, 08:53 PM
Thanks Taazz - that really helps!