View Full Version : Bumblebee on crack

2005.12.23, 10:13 PM
ordered me a VW yellow bee from dogsbreathracing last week, supposed to be a xmas gift for the beloved. by the way I'm from Singapore. (I also have a mini-t with baja beetle body that im going to do up, and a mini-x with the same. )

Thought you forumers might want to take a look at the ride. I *just* so happened to have an orange atomic antaenna sitting around which go great with the flames. Its a way cute body! What do you think?

El Tigre
2005.12.24, 06:06 PM
Schweet! Sure love the Dub's.

2005.12.25, 02:22 PM
So what make/model is that bug? Want to look it up as to how to purchase it.

2005.12.25, 02:54 PM
It's a DBR bug, He has a thread in the misc. section. You can drop him an email and he will set you up.

2005.12.26, 03:57 PM
V. cool filmlab! :)

2005.12.26, 08:52 PM
SteveR1960, that one of my bodies, send me an email and I can hook you up :D

2005.12.29, 09:56 AM
Filmlab, glad you liked the body! :D

SteveR1960, got you hooked up and your bodies are in the works! :D

2005.12.30, 09:50 PM
Filmlab, glad you liked the body! :D

SteveR1960, got you hooked up and your bodies are in the works! :D

Hey Dogbreath, what other bodies have you got? You got anything else?

2005.12.31, 09:29 AM
Right now I can mold up the VW for the 01/02 94/98mm RM/MM chassis, VW for the MZM, Digger style for the MZM, Chev Blazer for the MZM/OL, and that big ol' land bus Chevy Tahoe for the MZM/OL

Also have a Ford Focus for the 02 98mm MM chassis in the works.
And a VW Bus for the MZM and possibly a Wide Race VW Bus for the 02 94mm RM chassis in the concept stage.
These may be a month or more before they even get to the test stage.

I'm always on the prowl for a body that molds up nice, fits the car or monster well,
and has some interest from a few hard-core custom fanatics. :D

2006.01.13, 03:35 PM
Got three MZM bodies today from dogbreathracing: Herbie, General Flea and Grave Robber (friend of Grave Digger). They are all awesome and I can highly recommend DOgbreathracing for MZM bodies. Pics to come later.