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2005.12.26, 03:32 PM
So, back into the box my Iwaver 02 Ford GT goes. The longer I owned it, the more I got sick of the poor quality control. It's going back to my LHS where I bought it. I hate it. I'd blow it up if I hadn't paid for it. It may turn slow circles very well, but at high speed entry into turns that are capable of high speeds (even xmods, :eek: ) it would just spin out. softer tires were tried to no avail. I don't even care about how else I may be able to fix it, b/c the servo jitters with no input, epa is unadjustable it seems.

two words.

Pure. Garbage. :mad:

Kyosho, here I come!

2005.12.26, 07:36 PM
This seems to be a common theme with the new iWavers. :(

Sorry to hear of your troubles. You should be happy with a Kyosho.

2005.12.27, 08:06 PM
While I am not very impressed with the quality of the newest Iwaver, I do have mine running reasonably well.

I put the shorter softest springs in the front and the rear, put Xmod soft treads on the back and Iwaver 10 degree tires on the front. I created my own servo saver from a nylon bearing out of an Xmod Evolution AWD kit and have not had a problem since. The car tracks very straight and runs suprisingly well considering that it has no real rear suspension since the motor casing sits against the body eliminating all movement.

Cornering with this set up is very predictable. The rear end breaks loose just enough but does not snap around. I find that the EPA adjustments do work. I put both left and right to 120% to get maximum steering and then turned down the steering rate to prevent oversteering.

If you knew that you were going to get a good one everytime (that is the big if), the car is a good value for the money. Nice transmitter, nice bodies, handles better and smoother than an Xmod. It might keep up with Mini Z 01s, but doesn't have a prayer against 02s.

2005.12.27, 09:49 PM
well, if now we could only get the bodies to sit level.

if my lhs doesn't take it back, I'll think about fixing it up. I just don't think you should have to put a bunch of money into something right after you buy it to make it driveable.

I'm glad you got yours working though! :D

2005.12.27, 11:03 PM
You are certainly right about not having to put time, effort and money into something that should work properly out of the box.

I am just plain stubborn and have taken it as a challenge to get, as I affectionately call it, my Icrap to run decently.

I had some coupons and discounts so I only paid $63 shipped for a complete car and $44 for one minus the body from Tower Hobbies. If I had paid more, I might not be so good natured about the whole fiasco.

As it is, I have burned out both of the stock boards in the cars ( being replaced by Hobbico Services and I still don't know if they will handle a true stock 130 motor), had to create my own servo saver, and had one transmitter stop working (which I will have to send back to be repaired.)

One wonders if they ever really looked at these cars once the parts were produced and assembled. The bodies fit way too tight, the front has to ride way too high to clear the servo and tie rod, the top of the motor case hits the body, and all of these problems only get worse when you try to install the carbon fiber chassis.

Bottom line, well intentioned ideas and engineering that was poorly executed.

2005.12.28, 04:48 AM
if iwaver wants to survive then they better stop making their own designs. they are better of making copys of proven cars such as the mr02. i hope that they make a replica of the new AWD car, the kyosho one is just so d*** expensive.
i returned my iw R02 to the shop after testing it, and all the other who bought it at my club have stopped driving it or have returned it to the shop. people say "you get what you pay for" but for less money you`ll get a firelap/iw 02 that works just like the kyosho 02, and has a way better radio too. the only thing that really sucks on the firelap02 is the chassis, but a std kyosho chassis is only $6 so no problem there. :)

2005.12.28, 04:47 PM
I think they should just take a little more time with their designs, and use a little bit better materials. also, hobby grade servos and esc's are never bad.

Now, I have to send it to hobbico, they refund my dealer, and then I'll get the money. Great. Longer to wait to get my MA010 or MR-02. Not sure what I want yet...

2006.01.11, 12:39 AM
I figure I paid $80 for a nice AM radio with 10 model memory. The car is crap. My Xmod EVO is much better.

2006.01.11, 06:06 AM
My wife bought me an Iwaver for xmas and the servo went out after running it for 15 minutes. So I took it back to the store and with my refund I bought a Kyosho chassis to put my Iwaver 02 board into. It runs great now. :D

Zephyr von Bobo
2006.01.11, 07:11 AM
I figure I paid $80 for a nice AM radio with 10 model memory. The car is crap. My Xmod EVO is much better.

Are you able to run more than 2 EVOs at the same time?

2006.02.14, 07:22 AM
yeah, you can run 6 evo's at a time, as long as the crystals are different.

2006.02.14, 03:40 PM
I ended up selling mine because it sucked som much . The radio went out and had to get it fixed took a mounth . wasn't worth my time still dosen't work correctly wish i whould of just bought a kyosho . But Im happy now because I have 3 kyosho's and love them to death. Whouldn't give them away for nothing .


Zephyr von Bobo
2006.02.22, 07:16 PM
yeah, you can run 6 evo's at a time, as long as the crystals are different.

I can't get more than two to race at the same time and we have tried all kinds of different crystal set ups. They still interferred with each other.

Have you actually seen 6 racing against each other?

2006.02.23, 12:06 AM
actualy, yes i have seen 6 race each other, my RS held a little race event a while back and we had one of each crystal racing and they ran all fine.

2006.02.23, 09:07 AM
I have raced Xmods since they came out over 2 years ago. You can actually race 12 at a time if you have the upper channel crystals. We have never had a problem racing up to 8 Xmods at a time provided that they were all on separate channels. It didn't even matter if the channels were right next to each other (ie. 2,3,4,5,6,7). You can try making sure that there is a gap between, crystals, but it shouldn't make any difference.

Now if you are trying to race Xmods with Mini Zs it is a whole different ball game. The Kyosho radios interfere with the Xmod signal no matter what channels are involved. We found that putting the Kyosho antenna down a couple of sections helped the Xmod but didn't hurt the Mini Z.

Zephyr von Bobo
2006.02.25, 07:49 PM
My situation was 3 brand new evos with the crystal set. Never could get all three to race at the same time.

2006.02.25, 07:54 PM
My situation was 3 brand new evos with the crystal set. Never could get all three to race at the same time.

were they all the same crystal?