View Full Version : HELP! half fried esc

2002.03.18, 12:48 PM
if you recall a previous thread on burnt escs, half fried escs,
and half eaten hotdogs ;)
i think my esc is half fried, but it seems like there's the
possibility of bringing it back to un-fried with replacement
i hope this is the case....
basically, my mini-z goes forward and reverse,
but i think top speed is down and acceleration
is DEFINITELY slower than before...
the pcb started emitting smoke before when i
connected the battery terminals in reverse by accident
(this is months ago
before all the warnings of "disconnect the batteries
before working on the pcb") :p

i bought a turbo recently and it speeds things up
quite a bit, but still...it's lacking in the
acceleration department...
any suggestions please???

2002.03.20, 02:51 PM
My suggestion is to cough up the money to have the esc fixed, and after that, never go without a turbo again. Or you may convert it by using 1/10th scale elec. You do lose the hop-ups, and body selection. You may be limited to Skyline '70's, Merc. ClK, Skyine GTR, and WRX.