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2006.01.01, 12:25 PM
Hi. i'm from Indonesia and want to ask my friend (not R/C player) in LA to buy me Optional Part for my MZM. He said tat he never saw any R/C shop in the city. so please reply me the address of shops where he can buy it. please hurry since my sister will go back to jakarta from LA on jan 3.
Thanks in advance. :)

2006.01.01, 03:46 PM
Check out


you can also ask your friend to look in his local phonebook for hobbyshop #'s

2006.01.02, 11:27 AM
thanx for the reply. :)

2006.01.02, 08:52 PM
my cousin is in la... i think he gets his stuff from pacific coast hobbies(?) have your cousin check out the yellow pages (i think they have some on line yellow pages) and check out the heading under hobby/hobbies or anything related to r/c... hope this helps... hope it's not too late though...

2006.01.04, 12:26 PM
Thanx Herman. my friend went to 3 R/C shop but didnt find any of my order. :eek: but i didnt ask him what shop's name. :mad: shopkeeper said the part i need is not in stock then i must order.

finally,he only bought me Xspeed which is a bit more expensive compare with it's price in indonesia. in Jakarta Xspeed price is US$11, but he paid around US$13.

but im still looking for some optional part which aren't sold in Indonesia such as; alloy Motor heat sink and FET.

i wonder if FET really effective to increase power and speed (is it true?), thats why i want to buy and test it.

2006.01.04, 08:56 PM
nitrodamuz... how's the mini-z scene in indonesia? are there other guys like you who are into mini-z's what about mr02's??? are there tracks that you go to?

anyway... to answer your question...
i wonder if FET really effective to increase power and speed (is it true?), thats why i want to buy and test it.

yes... it will increase power and speed... you might have some trouble de-soldering the old ones off and soldering the new ones on... i would suggest having it done by somebody that has some soldering experience...

here's a thread that you can read up on... it's all about fets.... hope this helps...


2006.01.05, 03:18 PM
Why don't you just order off e-bay?

2006.01.05, 09:31 PM
Why don't you just order off e-bay?

sometimes ebay doesn't take any foreign currency and doesn't offer paypal... :(

2006.01.06, 12:24 PM
recently, mini-z (incl.MR-02) still has a comunnity but not as many as last year. but in my city, there are two R/C shop has their own mini-z circuit and also one circuit in a mall. (i will post the circuit pict later)
people in here tend to play on-road car or overland.
that's why its a bit hard to find Monster Optional parts.
How about in your area, how u guys playing? i mean, is there any circuit at mall or somewhere we can race mini-z? or just playing at backyard?

Thanx for the thread, Herman. i've actually asked my friend to solder it if i have new FET. i'm really sux in soldering.

Yes, Mike. Later i will ask my friend order via e bay. i think the price is cheaper ,though. But i cant order to ebay from her. its true like herman said. coz theres many cases order from indonesian used Fake credit card. :o

2006.01.06, 12:54 PM
guys, how much is the price of FET 2x2 4562? is this the best FET?
herman, i read some of thread you gave but couldnt find picture of FET 4562, can u please help post me the picture?
i wanna try to find it in Jakarta, because we have a big market here sells many parts, from very small electronic or mechanic part until very big ones.

Is this FET normally use for electronics circuit for .. say maybe inside DVD Player, power supply or anything? if yes, i think i can find it in that market. but most important i must see the picture (is there any brand name). or is it look exactly the same with stock FET. :o