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2002.03.18, 01:22 PM
Before I purchased my first Mini-z (I now have 3!) I sat down and designed a track layout and a size I could put in my basement. I got real trick and hung it on the wall (4-4x8 sheets of plywood) so that it folded up. I placed roofing felt on it, tape the seams, and started laying out the track. now I had to trim off 2 feet of the 2nd sheets of plywood to get it to fit. I have a track that is 13 foot by 8 foot. When I got my Mini-z's I quickly discovered that on this size layout it was not going to be any fun! I was bummed. I though about a number of places I could run them but I kept coming back to wanting to run mine at home. The driveway was a bit rough and with a few cracks in the concrete it was tearing the crap out of my body. Next I though about racing on the floor of my garage, then I have to take the cars out to run them, and sweep the floor. The I decided to set one up on the floor, I would have a little more room there because I was not restricted to the size of the plywood and walking around it. The Floor is concrete and smooth. But I have the stock wheels, would foam tires be better for this? I know on the floor it spins out easily. The problem is I do not have a lot of room, and the room I have it really not big enough to set up a permanent track. I also though about getting a piece of remnant carpet and rolling that out in the driveway or garage or basement. So far that sounds like the best idea so far. What do you guys do if you don't have a track you can go to or make, I would think a track about 20-25' long and 12-18' wide would be a nice size track. The small ones seem a bit too boring.


FenDer BenDer
2002.03.18, 03:48 PM
Where to race, and what to race on seem to be some of the biggest problems..for many mini z owners (myself included)
I think the first layout you had really should work 8x13 really should be ok for a mini-z track as long as you keep the lane size from 16 - 20 inches and keep the walls as thin as possible to allow the most running room for your track..
but if you really want to run on the florr then foam tires might be your best bet !!..but really think of what you want to do with your Z and your track I have been planning my 8x12 track for a long time so I only have to build it once.. Right now I made myself a 4x8 indoor oval track to race on it's not very big but really helps with control and throttle (and the soft compound rubber tires stick very well). The one thing I think I did right when I got my Z is not try to get to to be the fastest I use a stock motor with the 6 tooth pinion (run time far out ways speed to me)..so I kept the car within the track and not the other way around..
but look at all the picks you can and really research any building materials you might wanna buy and you should be ok..

hope this helps....a bit

2002.03.18, 04:11 PM
Thank you for your input! I will take a few pictures of my layout and see what people think. Its really a neat set up and it take up little to no room when its folded up. My main problem is the seems where the two section come together, I may be able to remedy that by running a couple of screws in a 2x4 to join them, Plus I stapled the paper down (Mistake!) I should have taped it down or stapled along the edge (fold the paper over the edge). I think part of my problem is that I really don't have the track layout itself down yet, just the board and roofing paper. So I kind of just run around in a circle and never really accomplish anything. I guess I just got a little discouraged with it once I looked it over and saw in my eyes that it was too small. I may even put some carpet down on it!

Thanks again.

FenDer BenDer
2002.03.18, 07:54 PM
Yup, track layout is about 98% of the problem when trying to build a indoor track, as for so of the problem you are having they are easy to solve (with a little money and time)

#1 joint problem
where the track joins drill a hole through the 2x4 and use a wing nut and carriage bolt assembly, this way you can easiely put it together and take it apart without tearing up the wood with screws or nails

#2 adhersion on roofing paper to track surface
Don't rely on staple or tape to hold down the paper it will always rip or lift on you (during the middle of a fun race).Instead use a good constrution type adhesive or low odor silicone.Spread it on the wood surface, then lay the roofing paper on top of it..

look in the glue section of a good hardware store and make sure the glue will stick to the roofing paper.

this may help a bit..

2002.03.22, 09:21 AM
Use Electrical tape to connect the seams. They stick a lot better than any transparent or packaging tape that I've tried. It also keeps the track black. My track is about 4 x10 and I was still able to make a decent track. The trick is to make sure the lanes and turns are wide enough so that you can go fast. I used rolls from wrapping paper and cut them in half to create the walls of the track. It makes it better since you can lay it out and drive on the track to make sure you're happy with the speed you can achive before taping them down.