View Full Version : tire compound on new IW02s?

Zephyr von Bobo
2006.01.01, 10:46 PM
What compound comes standard on the new (gen 2) IW02s?


2006.01.02, 07:52 AM
I have no idea what compound it is, I only know that if you are going to run on RCP tracks you will have to replace it. I am guessing it must be fairly hard.

I ended up with Iwaver 10 degree tires in the front and Xmod soft treads in the rear and the car hooks up very nicely. By the way the Iwaver 10 degree tires appear to be harder than other 10 degree tires. They will not work for me in the rear, keep breaking loose while other 10 degree tires would hook up the back end.

I finally have my newest Iwaver running mid 10 second laps on a track where my Z Enzo runs mid 9s. It appears it will be comptetive with 01s but is going to get its butt kicked by 02s.

The tuning continues.

2006.01.05, 10:55 AM
I'm new to the Iwavers...are the tires and wheels for the xmods a direct fit on the Iwavers? I'm specifically interested in the foams. Thanks.

You can make the tires for the Xmods work on Iwavers and Mini Zs, but the wheels are different. You can not use Xmod wheels on Iwaver or Mini Z without adapters or modification.

Iwaver and Mini Z wheels are the same.