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2006.01.02, 12:31 PM
This is my old 3D RCP track file I made in auto cad. I finaly got around to cleaning it up and adding in the pins.

I have it setup so the tiles are centered on the autocad snap... so just copy a tile and move it with the SNAP on, and it will auto line up... or use the circle nodes I put on each tile to line them up via center and quadrant points.

Once you get the tiles oriented the way you want, u can use autocad to render it, and it will look like the sample image.


2006.01.02, 04:18 PM
great job on the drawings. I did a similar thing with mine. I made each tile with the correct dims. I change them a little so I could easily snap them from corner to corner with out having to worry about the the way they actually attach. Basicly they are the same size just with out the connectors. it works really great for making my layouts. I do them in 2D just to keep it simple and easy to see.

2006.01.02, 04:28 PM
Mine work in 2D as well... just unshade and have at it in the plan view lol :)

2006.02.14, 12:44 PM
Updated the file to:

fix a slight error in the orientation of the tiles
add in my version of the RCP 45 tiles
add in my version of the RCP 50cm to 30cm convertion tiles

File available at same url:

Also updated images, showing new tiles, and 2D apearance.

2007.11.09, 02:00 PM
can you fix your site address? the link does not work anymore

2007.11.09, 02:18 PM
The link above was just messed up it added ... when it should not have... was same amount of characters...

Anyway Arch if you DL this and look at it again... look at all the tiles, if you have time, and see if any of them have the center cyan node off center... i want to make sure this is the version that I fixed that has been online all this time... if not I need to upload a fixed version.

2007.11.09, 02:33 PM
looks like the right ones :) thanks for fixing that, came thru in a pinch

2007.11.09, 03:06 PM
I guess I never did the propper wide-45 degree Set did I? only my own conept... oh well maybe one day I will get to it.

2007.11.10, 05:52 PM
is it possible to get stl exports of the cad files?

2007.11.11, 03:27 AM
Why STL? that is the most crude form of cad there is... it will lose all the good data.

2007.11.11, 06:55 AM
other software used for machining can import from stl. i tried making the conversions but it doesn't seem to want to work with my version of autocad.

2007.11.11, 01:04 PM
STL is not nessessarily modifiable once its made... its very crude... and its not really meant for machineing. It can be used in a Rapid prototype machine though. Machineing requires CAM files.. from whatever software you use to do the tool paths. Cimitron MasterCAM etc... (stuff I am doing at school). So it depends what your going to do with it... I cannot just save as .STL it wont work that way.. you would have to explode each individual, block, then have each mesh or track wall piece etc... in a seperate file.

2007.11.11, 08:20 PM
Just opened the file to look at it again... the one ONLINE.. not the one on my HD... and the one online does not have all of the track pieces that I have made... I guess I will have to upload yet another version soon.

2012.04.09, 07:50 AM
can anyone confirm the precise distance to center-line of rail pins? my cad files measures 9 5/16" but that seems very close together.