View Full Version : Lowering the car DOES decrease the car's tendency to flip

2002.03.18, 03:08 PM
I had my mini-z restored to it's original ride height and did a speed test in my street..... ran pretty fast and smooth but when i steered sharply the car would flip and grind the roof a couple metres before stopping.... (looks kinda funny) but anyways, I ran a couple runs and flipped everytime i wanted to turn... i got all fed up with the running back and forth to rescue my Z so i decided to lower it again.... this time, i used the bushings in those tamiya mini 4wd cars.... so 15 mins later, i got back on my street and ran it again.... and to my surprise as I turned sharply, my car didn't flip..... amazing....

2002.03.20, 04:08 PM
I've done this and noticed that it helps as well.

2002.03.21, 06:48 AM
didn't measure the mm.... it's about the thickness of the plastic wheel bushings tho...

2002.03.21, 02:35 PM
Ferreri 360 Modena didn't measure it yet.

2002.03.23, 11:54 AM
On my car I use Motor bushings to lower my car.

I only lower the front of my car. I like the way it handles with it only lowered in the front. Plus it gives it a nice raked look especially with Z-Speeds, the rear wheels seem to be larger in diameter in the rear than in the front. But that could just be me....

2002.03.23, 07:19 PM
I used NML's lowering kit with my CLK body and Z-Speeds. One problem though...the CLK body is so low and the Z-Speeds are so wide, that I can't use the metal spacers in his kit for the front (otherwise I can't take turns). He has some fine shims in the kit that I could probably use for the front but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I did use the thick metal spacers for the rear though to bring the high rear end of the CLK down level.


2002.04.02, 02:15 AM
Wedginator are you using the bushings with or without the eyelet?

2002.04.02, 07:15 AM
without... I found the eyelets restrict the suspension travel too much...